The Rewritten Love: A Second Beginning Max Charming

Chapter 148

“I’m transferring to Class One,” Madelyn casually announced, standing up and heading over to the
water cooler to fill a cup and take her medicine.

The classroom immediately erupted into noisy chatter at her words, with some of the remarks bordering
on mockery.

“Is that for real? If she can get into Class One through cheating, how long can she stay? The workload
in Class One is heavy. I bet she’ll crawl back here in three days.”

“Exactly! It’s not easy to cheat your way into a new class!”

“I’d rather be dead than do what she did.”

Hearing these comments, Serena defended Madelyn, “Who says Madelyn cheated? Did any of you see
it? Don’t forget, you all saw Madelyn’s math paper-it was all correct. Blaming others for

your own poor grades, it’s you who should be ashamed. You can’t stand it when others succeed.”

‘My math paper?’ Madelyn’s gaze shifted to Jadie, who sat in front of Forrest, giving her an innocent
and guilty look. Madelyn said nothing and returned to her seat. She was already transferring classes;
there was no point in arguing. She did not need Serena’s defense, or anyone else’s. Gathering her
belongings and books, Madelyn then left the classroom.


Jadie rose to her feet, intending to follow, but her deskmate held her back.

“Leave her alone, we’re about to start class.”

Timothy, leaning back in his chair with his foot hooked on the desk, peered past Forrest at

Adrian, whistling to catch his attention. Adrian looked over.

Timothy raised an eyebrow. “Is she really going to Class One?”

Adrian shrugged, as if to say, “Why are you asking me? How should I know?”


The commotion woke Forrest up, who then roared in annoyance. The classroom quickly quieted, and
he noticed Madelyn’s now-empty, neatly arranged desk from the corner of his eye. Forrest kicked the
chair away forcefully, punched the door, and stormed out.

“Forry, where are you going? Class is starting!” Timothy tried to follow Forrest, but Adrian held him
back. “Why are you stopping me?” Timothy asked.

Adrian spoke, “Don’t mess with it.”

Timothy protested, “Mess with what? We’re a team. If Forrest isn’t here, why should we stay

in class?”

Adrian replied coolly, “Going after him will only get you beaten. Forget it. I won’t stop you.”

Timothy sat down in Forrest’s vacated seat. “What’s that supposed to mean? Explain it to me. I don’t

Adrian simply said, “Idiot.”

By the time the bell signaling the start of class rang, Madelyn had already reached the first floor.
Suddenly, Forrest emerged from a corner, blocking her path. The classroom was air- conditioned, yet
he stepped outside wearing just a black sweater, his entire neck exposed to the chill. Madelyn stepped
aside, thinking she was blocking his way. She descended the stairs. and walked past him.

“Madelyn, you’re pretty brave.” Forrest pulled a cigarette from his pocket, placed it in his mouth, and lit
it. He exhaled a puff of white smoke and asked nonchalantly, “You think this is over?”

Madelyn slowed her pace and stopped. “I’m leaving Class Six, no longer in your way, isn’t that good?
Forrest, I owe you nothing.”

Forrest chuckled. “You don’t owe me anything, but those Jardins do. You’re with them, how could I
possibly let you off? Since you’re transferring, why not just drop out altogether?”

‘Is Forrest insane?’ Madelyn thought. “Soon, Forrest, you won’t see me anymore,” Madelyn replied
solemnly, then quickly added, “We’re having exams soon, you’d better go back and study.”

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