The Rewritten Love: A Second Beginning Max Charming

Chapter 154

“But…” Madelyn hesitated, her eyes fixed on Ethan who was pulling out a small black velvet box from
his pocket. With a careful touch, he unveiled a pendant in the shape of a crescent moon its translucent
whiteness seemed to emit an otherworldly glow. The silver chain it hung from sparkled like distant

Drawing closer, Ethan’s hopeful expression met resistance as Madelyn gently pushed him away. “It’s
too precious,” she murmured.

Ethan looked disappointed as he said, “I designed this necklace for you. Today marks not only your
birthday but also our first official meeting. Could you not turn a friend down?”

The necklace was undeniably flawlessly crafted, so intricate that no one could resist its charm.

Ethan’s gaze was intense. Despite her reservations, Madelyn found herself unable to refuse. Finally,
she relented, her voice softening, “I just… I don’t have anything to give you in return.”

“Having you here today is gift enough for me.”

Tightening her grip on her dress, Madelyn nodded.

‘Yes! She’s willing to accept it!’ Ethan had always reminded himself to let things go with the flow, not to
rush. Yet, his innermost desires were becoming harder to contain.

Leaning in, he gently placed the necklace around her neck, his fingers brushing aside a strand of her
hair. He was close enough to notice the faint scent of strawberries that seemed to linger around her,
captivating his senses.

Madelyn, sensitive by nature, had always recoiled from such proximity – perhaps a lingering self-
preservation instinct, or echoes from her previous life’s traumas.

Ethan’s warm breath tickled her neck, causing Madelyn to shift uncomfortably. “Is it… Is it in place? It
feels a bit chilly.”

“It’s done,” Ethan replied as he secured the silver clasp. The pendant, resembling a crescent moon,
now rested against her chest, mirroring his perception of her pure and radiant like the moonlight that
had guided him through his darkest times. Unlike the harsh glare of the sun, it was soft and soothing,
enough to calm his inner turmoil and dispel the shadows within.

As they strolled along, the streets were almost empty, and the clock was inching toward nine. Usually,
the curfew hovered between eight-thirty and nine o’clock, a precaution set by Hayson to keep Madelyn
safe. It made sense though, considering, as Kevin had pointed out, the Jent family had quite a few
enemies. So, Madelyn had to watch her step, even when she was alone.

Ethan noticed her distracted demeanor. “What’s on your mind? If you’re worried about getting in trouble
when we get back, I’ll talk to your dad on your behalf. Or are you feeling tired? You can take a nap, and
I’ll wake you when it’s time.”


Madelyn snapped back. “Nah, I’m good.”

Ethan sensed there was more to it with Madelyn right now. She seemed all wrapped up in thoughts,
like something pretty big had gone down.

“Hey, you know you can always talk to me, right?” Ethan said reassuringly. “Whatever’s on your mind,
I’ve got your back.”

Madelyn hesitated, her gaze fixed on Ethan, a mix of emotions in her eyes.

‘Can I really confide in Ethan? Can I ask for his help to break away from my family?’ She pondered. ‘My
family seems so small compared to the Arnolds. Ethan holds the power to change everything with just
a word. But what if he refuses?’

Madelyn figured that if Hayson discovered she sought Ethan’s aid, it wouldn’t stop at Hayson; Zach
would also get involved. And what could she even say to Ethan to make sense of it all?

‘Plus, the more I reveal, the more Ethan might feel suspicions about my family. What if he digs up my
family’s criminal activities, and that brings them down?’

Madelyn questioned the worth of giving up her life to see the Jent family’s downfall. She contemplated,
‘Even if my family wasn’t in the picture, Zach’s talents could easily drive him to power… So if I ask for
Ethan’s help and Zach finds out about it, my life will be more agonizing than death…’

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