The Rewritten Love: A Second Beginning Max Charming

Chapter 140

“Look, I’m wide awake now that you’re here. Let’s chew the fat, shall we?”

Madelyn was confused. “Chew the fat? What do

you mean?”

Margaret patted her thigh. “What? You don’t know what that means? Chew the fat means have a chat.”

Madelyn nodded thoughtfully. “What would you like to chat about?”

Then, Margaret said quietly, “I overheard a few things when I went out earlier. I can guarantee that your
father is going to have two more children in three years. You’re going to have a little brother very soon.”

Madelyn listened to what Margaret said and was intrigued by her accent. She realized that the way
Margaret spoke was open and direct. However, she did not pay much attention to what Margaret was
telling her about…

Hayson had several affairs with different women, but he would never want any of them to have his
child. Even if something went wrong, he would take care of it discreetly.

A woman in her late twenties once came to their home and caused a scene with a baby in her arms.
However, Madelyn never heard anything about her afterward, and that baby just disappeared.

That was the only time that something like that had happened.

A desk lamp lighted their room, and there was a faint smell of burned charcoal. Margaret was snoring
loudly, but Madelyn could not sleep at all due to the pain in her arm from what happened last night.

She dozed off in the tiny bed for a while, and the sun had risen by the time she woke up. Madelyn got
out of bed carefully without waking Margaret up. She covered herself with the quilt and went outside

It had snowed all night, and there was a thick layer of snow outside. Her wool slippers were already
dried. She put them on and felt a bit warmer. Then, she tiptoed around the backdoor, ensuring no one
knew she had come home last night.

The house’s main door was opened, and the maid was cleaning up the mess from last night. All the
maids greeted Madelyn as soon as they saw her, “Good morning, Ms. Jent.”

Madelyn nodded and went inside, only to be met with an unpleasant smell.

She frowned and quickly went upstairs.

She went into the bathroom to clean herself up while avoiding the wound. As she tried to wipe the
marks on her neck, she could not help but recall how the two men assaulted her, and


Zach just stood there without helping. He did that just because she went to an art exhibition with Ethan.
He misunderstood her and thought that she wanted to get herself out of her

current predicament with the help of the Arnold family. This misconception drove him to teach her a

Madelyn could not imagine what Zach would actually do to her if she really had something going on
with Ethan. She wondered if he would drug her and defile her again.

Zach would never allow her a chance to escape; he would do everything in his power to keep her by
his side.

Madelyn huddled in the bathtub while resting her injured hand on the edge. Half of her face was
submerged in the water. When she was about to drown, she slowly sat up. She realized she could not
keep running forever; she needed to do something.

Splash! Madelyn got out of the bathtub with water dripping from her body. Then, she put on a bathrobe.

She figured that she needed money before she could leave the Jent family.

She decided not to go back to sleep. Instead, she changed into the uniform of Ventrocloud High
School. Then, she put on a cashmere coat and wore a red scarf around her neck before going
downstairs while carrying her backpack. She could not attend several training classes because her
hand was injured, so she took a leave and went to her high school instead.

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