The Rewritten Love: A Second Beginning Max Charming

Chapter 137

Madelyn used to be an arrogant and willful person, but not anymore. Time had softened her rough

What she was going through now was nothing compared to how she bullied and tormented Jadie in her
past life. So, she had to bear it all, no matter what was happening to her.

It was the law of karma, the cycle of consequences.

Madelyn closed the window and decided that she would never look at the snow again, nor would she
ever like it. She hugged herself and curled up on the small couch, staring blankly at the corner of the

When it was midnight, she received a text message. It was from Ethan: [Happy birthday, little princess.]

That was her first time receiving a text message. She was shocked and had no idea how Ethan knew it
was her birthday today.

Only a few people knew when her birthday was. She did not even tell Zach about it. The date of birth
on her ID was incorrect; her true birthday was on December 26.

A ray of light immediately brightened up Madelyn’s gloomy mood. She quickly replied to Ethan: [How
did you know it’s my birthday today?)

Ethan: [It’s a secret. What present do you want?]

Madelyn typed on her phone: [I want the giant limited edition pink Nikki bear.]

However, she did not hit the send button because of Zach’s warning….

“Don’t ever speak to anyone in the Arnold family, or there’ll be consequences…”

So, Madelyn quickly deleted the message.

The living room was silent, and she figured everyone must be asleep by now. So, she called

Jordan and asked him to pick her up.

Rosario probably already took all her clothes to wash.

She had no choice but to grab a neatly folded blanket from the bottom of Zach’s wardrobe. She was
very familiar with Rosario’s habit of organizing things, so she knew exactly to find the things she

Rosario taught her many things in her past life, including how to be a good “wife”. That was why
Madelyn organized her things like Rosario.

She wrapped herself in the blanket and left a note and some money before leaving the room. The
money was for the blanket, slippers, and pajamas.

She knew that Zach did not like other people touching his belongings. It was to the extent that he would
throw away everything they touched. Madelyn did not want to owe him anything.

She closed the room door. Then, she saw that the computer screen in the living room was still on; Zach
was still working on the computer.

She thought that everyone was asleep.

Madelyn tried to be as quiet as possible, worrying that she would disturb Zach. She placed her hand on
the door handle when she walked to the main door.

Suddenly, Zach’s displeased voice echoed, “Where are you going?”

Madelyn’s tightened her grip on the door handle and said, “I’m sorry. I can’t stay with you anymore. Let
Rosario stay here if you want. Zach… please treat her better. She didn’t do anything wrong.”

Madelyn would get used to being on her own.


Madelyn spoke softly, sounding very distant. Zach could feel she was deliberately trying to cut all ties
with him.

She opened the door, and the cold wind rushed in. Then, Madelyn braced herself and left.

The house fell silent for a few seconds.

A hint of darkness flashed across Zach’s eyes….

He absentmindedly tapped his fingers on the keyboard, and a chat page popped up. The chat history
was from five minutes ago.

[Happy birthday, little princess…]

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