The Rewritten Love: A Second Beginning Max Charming

Chapter 143

Jadie hesitated, and the answer became apparent.

Rosario could do a lot of things for her back home. Not only could Rosario keep the house clean, but
she would also cook for Jadie every day she came back home from school. There was just no way that
she would let Rosario go.

Madelyn coughed and her voice sounded a little hoarse. So, Jadie cleverly changed the topic, ‘
Madelyn, you should stop talking. Your voice sounds very hoarse. I’ll go and buy some medicine for
you. Hold on, let me get you some water first.”

Jadie placed her bag down and quickly went out to get a cup of water from the dispenser that was
available outside every classroom with disposable cups stored under it. “Madelyn, have

some water.”

“Leave it on the table. I don’t feel like drinking it now.” Madelyn slumped on the desk.

“Wait here. I’ll go get you some medicine then.”

“It’s okay. I’ll feel better after resting for a while. I guess I just didn’t get enough sleep last night. Don’t
worry about me.”

Jadie crouched down beside Madelyn and said in a gentle voice, “Madelyn, can you tell me what
happened after you left Zach’s place? Did he mistreat you? Why would you suddenly get sick?”

Madelyn knew very well that Jadie was not genuinely concerned about her. She only asked Madelyn
that because she was aware of how deeply in love Madelyn was with Zach, so she was just worried
that something intimate had happened during their time alone together.

However, Jadie’s words reminded Madelyn of the nightmare from last night.

Then, she said in a slightly displeased tone, “Why don’t you ask Zach what he did to me if you’re so
curious about it? I’m not feeling very well now. I don’t want to talk about what happened last night.”

Jadie did not know what to say in response as a hint of unhappiness flashed across her eyes. Her
chest felt uneasy, and she could not stop thinking about what happened between Madelyn and Zach
last night.

The look on Zach’s face was awful when he returned last night. Jadie asked him about what happened,
but he did not say anything at all. This feeling of uncertainty worried Jadie very


She was afraid that Zach would break the promise between them because of Madelyn.

She knew how much Madelyn liked Zach back then, and how she wished to spend every single second
with him every day.

She was not any different herself!

Then, Jadie went back to her seat with all those thoughts in her mind.

Her desk mate asked concernedly, “Jadie, are you okay?”

“Yeah,” she replied with a smile.

They had a math quiz in the first class, and Madelyn was not prepared for it at all.

The quiz was not long, and it was personally prepared by their mathematics teacher, Adam Brown.
There were five MCQs that carried ten marks in total and the rest were fill-in-the-

blank questions, followed by some application-based questions. The last question was relatively
harder, and it took Madelyn over ten minutes to solve.

She finished the entire quiz in less than thirty minutes.

Then, she put her pen down and slept again.

The teacher noticed that Madelyn was still sleeping when it was time to submit the quiz. The teacher
shook his head and sighed. “Students, please don’t take this quiz lightly just because you got lucky and
scored well in the last exam. Even if you come from a wealthy and influential family, it’s still a shame if
you leave school without any knowledge.

“Jadie White, you’ll be the class representative for this subject since you did well in the last exam.
Come to my office later to get the Olympiad Maths’ past year questions. If you don’t understand
anything, feel free to ask me about it in my office.”

Jadie gazed at Madelyn, who was still resting her head on the desk, and nodded. “Sure, Mr. Brown. By
the way, I think Madelyn isn’t feeling well. I’ll help her to submit her paper to you


“Okay.” Adam responded coldly before continuing, “All right, let’s continue with the lesson. Students,
let’s discuss the question from the last in-class quiz.”

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