The Rewritten Love: A Second Beginning Max Charming

Chapter 144

The mathematics class lasted for about 2 hours in the morning.

Madelyn felt like she was going to have a cold or fever.

Jadie wanted to get her quiz paper from her, but Madelyn had already left her seat and gone to the
medical room. The cup of water that Jadie took for her remained untouched on the desk.

Jadie saw that and replaced it with another fresh one. She picked up Madelyn’s paper and glanced at
it. Out of the five MCQs, two of Madelyn’s answers were different from hers. Jadie chose B and C while
Madelyn selected A for both questions.

‘Did I make a mistake?’

Jadie doubted herself.

Then, Jadie went to the second-ranked student in the class, Cecilia Wayne, who was also the class
monitor. She had always been the top student in class before Madelyn took the spot away from her.

However, there was a huge score difference between them. Cecilia had always wanted to be in Class
One, but it was not possible with her current grades.

The only way that she could make it happen was to significantly improve her grades in the final exam.

Although she came from a wealthy family that owned a huge and listed company, she was
outperformed by someone who did not have a notable background. That made her very uncomfortable.

Jadie approached her and asked, “Cecilia, can I ask you which options you chose for the last two

Cecilia adjusted the thick glasses on her nose and said, “It’s already over. What’s the point of finding
out the answer now? Aren’t you the math class representative? Why are you asking me?”

Her voice was filled with disdain and disgust. However, Jadie smiled and said anyway, “I’m just unsure,
so I wanted to ask you since you scored better than me on the last quiz. It’s fine if you don’t feel like
telling me.”

Cecilia put her pen back into her pencil case and said, “I calculated the fourth question a few times, so
I’m pretty sure it’s A. However, I’m not too sure about the last question, but I chose the closest figure,
which was B.”

“Really? My answers are different from yours. Thanks anyway. I should head to the office now,

Jadie said.

Chapter 144

Cecilia noticed the paper that Jadie was holding and asked, “Is that Madelyn’s paper? She cheated her
way to get first place in class. People like her aren’t going to achieve anything in


Jadie defended Madelyn, “Madelyn has been studying hard at home. Cecilia, I hope that you can stop
accusing her if you don’t have any evidence to prove that she cheated.”

Cecilia replied in a scornful tone, “Let me look at her quiz paper if you don’t believe that she cheated. I
guarantee that all of her answers are wrong.”

Their conversation caught the attention of many other students as they gathered around them.

“Yeah. Let’s have a look. I wonder what kind of answers Madelyn can come up with too.”

“It’s probably just a bunch of scribbles. I don’t believe that she’s this smart either.”

“I wonder how Madelyn got the answer script. My dad would be overjoyed and host a celebration at
Supreme World for three days and nights.”

Jadie hesitated and said, “No. We can’t look at her answers without her permission.”

Someone snatched the quiz paper from Jadie’s hand as she spoke and placed it in front of Cecilia. “We
want to look at the answers of one of the top five students in our grade, not yours.

“That’s right! Cecilia, let’s see if Madelyn really knows how to solve the questions or not.”

“Hey, this isn’t right…” Jadie wanted to take it back, but somebody stood in her way.

“Cecilia, have a look.”

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