The Rewritten Love: A Second Beginning Max Charming

Chapter 138

“Mr. Jardin, was it Madelyn who went outside?”

Madelyn closed the door and heard Rosario’s voice.

Not many people were in the apartment building at this hour, so she quickly took the elevator down.
She worried that Rosario would come after her and persuade her to return.

Madelyn became a very soft-hearted person, and she could never bear to refuse Rosario if that
happened. She knew very well that she would return to where Zach was once Rosario spoke to her

Zach finally revealed his true colors to her that night. He sought revenge against the Jent family until
they completely fell apart. That was when he finally felt satisfied….

Taking everything away from the Jent family was never the only thing he wanted to do.

Looking back, Madelyn realized that she had never truly understood Zach. He was like a black hole
that would devour and destroy anything that went near him… And she was like a vine that depended
only on him to live.

The cold wind blew as Madelyn stood outside the apartment building, tightly wrapped in a blanket.
Jordan was coming from the Southern Haven Villas, and it would take him at least twenty minutes to
reach there without any traffic.

Her ankles turned red from the cold, and her arms throbbed with pain. She lifted her pajamas to look at
the simple bandage covering her oozing wound and thought, ‘I guess I won’t go to the tuition class
tomorrow and visit the hospital instead. I can’t just trust whatever Zach had done to me.”

Zach had pretended to be gentle and attentive to her in front of others. He would at least pretend to
care for her when they were alone together back then. However, she doubted he would ever do that

The snow continued to fall, covering the stone statues in the water fountain and the leaves in the

She heard a sound coming from behind her. It was the sound of the elevator door opening. She turned
around and saw Zach walking out of the elevator in a black coat. He stared at her with his sharp gaze.
Madelyn slowly looked away to hide her nervousness. ‘What is he doing here?’

Zach walked past her and into the snow. He took out his car key from his pocket and unlocked it before
swiftly entering it. He then parked his car in front of Madelyn and rolled down the window. “I called
Jordan, and he won’t be coming anymore. Get in.”

Madelyn had always been stubborn, so she said indifferently, “Thanks, but I don’t want to trouble you. I
can take a cab myself.”

It did not take the snow long to soak through her wool slippers, and her feet felt a little cold.

“Madelyn Jent, I’m not going to repeat myself. Get in the car!” He said in a stern voice, showing how
impatient he was.

A few snowflakes fell on her shoulder and neck, making her feel even colder. However, all of that was
nothing compared to the coldness she felt in her heart.

Zach did not even bother to pretend anymore…

Madelyn lowered her gaze and glanced around at the ground. Then, she slowly walked forward and
opened the car’s rear door.

“At the front. Now,” Zach said.

Madelyn knew she had to follow everything he said, so she kept quiet. Then, she walked around the
front of the car, sat in the front passenger seat, and buckled her seatbelt.

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