The Rewritten Love: A Second Beginning Max Charming

Chapter 136

“It’s such a huge gash… What would we do if Mr. Jent hadn’t gone to pick you up because he was
worried something had happened to you?”

Madelyn laughed, “I fell by accident.”

“What? How’d you fall? This is such a huge gash!”

“When I was practicing dancing. I wasn’t careful and cut myself.”

Rosario frowned and immediately said, “No. I must tell Mr. Jardin to get you another teacher. This
teacher is too irresponsible. How could she not do a thing when you got hurt?! What kind

of teacher is she?”

Madelyn felt warm inside.

‘Rosario always cares about me when I get hurt,’ she thought.

“I really am fine, Rosario. Please call Jordan and ask him to come pick me up!”

“Madelyn, it’s really late now. Why don’t you stay overnight and go back tomorrow?” said Jadie.

She continued, “Zach and I are worried about you being alone this late at night.”

Madelyn had already drunk half a bowl of soup and felt much better.

“That’s right! You’re always coming home late and skipping dinner. You must be hungry. I’ll go make

you some pasta.”

Madelyn sat up and leaned against the bed frame. Then, she realized she was in Zach’s bedroom.

“Don’t bother. I’m not very hungry.”

Jadie smiled and said with concern, “Make yourself at home, Madelyn. It’s me and Zach’s responsibility
to take care of you. Or do you want to eat something else? Zach and I will buy it for you.”

Madelyn had a headache from all the noise.

“This isn’t my house. This is Zach and Jadie’s house. Staying here will only make me feel even more
suffocated,’ she thought.

Madelyn lowered her head. Her long hair was down, and she was wearing Jadie’s pajamas.

‘When did they change me into pajamas?’ she wondered. Meanwhile, her wallet and phone were on
the bedside table.

“I’ll be fine after some rest. You don’t have to worry about me.”

Zach said quietly, “Jadie, Rosario, let her rest. Boil some water and let her take some painkillers.”

“Alright, then!” Rosario was still worried, “Madelyn, tell us immediately if you don’t feel well. Don’t hold it

“Okay,” replied Madelyn.

After everyone had left, Zach shut the door and looked at Madelyn. She sat on the bed and looked out
the window.

She was quiet and obedient.

Right after the door was shut, Madelyn could still hear laughter coming from the living room. Jadie was
hanging around Rosario as she taught her how to make gnocchi. There was also the sound from the

Madelyn scanned the room’s layout. The grayish tone of the room gave off a warm feeling. There was
a photo of Zach and Jadie on the bedside table.

There were traces of Jadie in every corner of the room: the hairpin she had left behind, the doll alarm
clock on the table…

“You’re amazing, Rosario! You know everything! I don’t even know how to make the simplest gnocchi.
I’m so stupid.”

“When Madelyn was young, her favorite food was the dumplings I made. She also wanted to learn how
to make them, but she ended up getting her face covered in flour…”

Their voices came from the living room.

Madelyn thought, ‘If Rosario’s doing well by Jadie’s side, I do not need to make her leave the Jent
family with me. She’s getting old, so it’s a good idea to let her stay here. With Jadie around and
considering how Rosario had spent most of her life working for the Jent family, Zach probably won’t
make things difficult for her. That way, I’ll have no ties left. I won’t have any worries left.’

The snow outside the window got Madelyn’s attention. She walked to the window with her bare feet
and opened it. She reached out, but the snowflakes melted before even falling into her palm.

Madelyn recalled the time she and Zach got married. It was also snowing heavily, like right now. She
remembered holding his arm as they stood in the snow.

“We’re standing in the snow together, and the snow turned gray, Zach, we’ll grow old together until our
hairs turn gray,” she said.

‘In the end, we didn’t grow old together until our hairs turned gray. You didn’t… leave a single trace of
ever having loved me. The only thing you left me was the memory of you whenever it snows.’

Madelyn was just an ordinary girl. What she wanted was simple; she wanted to marry him and become
his wife.

However, the only wrong thing she ever did before becoming Zach’s wife was driving Jadie to her

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