The Rewritten Love: A Second Beginning Max Charming

Chapter 126

Zach carried Jadie up into the front passenger seat and fastened the seat belt for her as the waiter
handed him her bags.

“Sir, she’s your girlfriend I assume? I saw her drinking alone for quite a bit, and she nearly got sexually
harassed. She’s a looker, so be sure not to leave her alone next time.”

Zach pulled out a few green bills from his wallet and handed it to the waiter as tips. He did not say
much as he walked around, got into the driver’s seat, and sped away.

After arriving at Grand Court Condominiums, Zach got down from his car and looked at his watch.
There was still an hour left to catch the flight, so he was not running late.

Zach helped Jadie out of the car and she laid in his arms. “I don’t want to go back; I want to

drink more…”

“Jadie, enough. You still have school tomorrow.”

Suddenly, Jadie pushed Zach away with some inexplicable strength as she staggered a few steps
backward and almost fell. Zach looked at her deeply. “Jadie, did something happen today?”

Jadie shook her head as Zach looked at her tearful eyes. “Zach, should I have not come home from
overseas… I should not have been rescued home, otherwise I wouldn’t suffer such sorrow.

“Why, why does everyone dislike me wherever I go? Zach, is there something wrong with me? Zach, I
feel like I’m nothing but a burden to you.”

Jadie cried as she covered her face with her hands as tears overflowed out if it.

“You don’t have to do anything, nor do you need to care about what others think. You just need to do
what you think is right. Jadie, you’re still young, I’ll give what she has to you as well, and I will give you
what she doesn’t have as well… I will never let you be alone.”

“Zach!” Jadie stepped forward and hugged Zach. “I realized I only have you now. Please don’t ever
leave me, okay? If you leave me, I have no one to call family anymore.”

“Why wouldn’t I want you. Jadie, I’m just waiting for you to grow up.” Zach responded and hugged her

Jadie looked up with innocent eyes as she stared at him. “Zach, will you marry me in the future?”

“Jadie, you’re still young.”

“You’re trying to change the topic again. You clearly like me, so why won’t you admit it? Let’s get
together once I get into university, okay…”

“I beg you, Zach, I… I’ve decided that I will marry you since young!”

Suddenly a voice came out of nowhere. “Eh, Missy, walk faster, will you? I’m about to end my shift

The car horn also sounded.

Madelyn had just walked down from the condominium block and her hands were tucked inside her coat
as a bag of dried fish and chestnut cookies hug by her wrist. Her head was looking down as if she was
asleep and when she heard the horn, she looked up in shock and squinted her tired eyes.

She saw the two people beside the taxi hugging each other.

A breeze blew, and the leaves on the ground rustled…

Madelyn blinked and blinked as she looked at Zach and then at Jadie. Her dazed eyes suddenly came
to life as a tired smile soon appeared on her face. “Zach, Jadie, what a coincidence. Rosario asked me
to come and collect something here.”

Madelyn had been about to head home when she had gotten a call from Rosario midway through her
trip. Rosario was supposed to send the item to her, but the Southern Haven Villas was quite a distance
away from the Grand Court Condominium. As she was worried for Rosario. going out at night, she had
to come over herself to collect the item.

At first, she had hesitated to come here, afraid of running into them. She had only gone over

because Rosario said that Zach had not returned.

After going over, she saw signs of Zach and Jadie living together inside the house. There were
matching house slippers, toothbrushes, bowls, and even cutleries…The more Madelyn saw, the more
distressed she felt. She then took her stuff and quickly left.

It was not easy for her to let go of a man she had loved for over ten odd years just like that.

He should have been accompanying Jadie and celebrating her birthday at this hour, but instead she
had run into them by coincidence downstairs.

Madelyn lowered her head as she walked to the taxi and opened the door. She then thought of
something and smiled as she said to Jadie. “Jadie, I forgot to wish you earlier, happy birthday!”

Jadie nodded. “Thanks.”

Madelyn sat back inside the car as she closed her eyes and said tiredly, “You can start the car now, sir.”

As she left the condominium, she closed her eyes and saw the afterimage of the two of them hugging
each other.

‘What a fitting pair!’

In fact, she had more or less heard their conversation. It was not that Zach did not want to be together
with Jadie, he was just waiting for her to grow up…

So, to Madelyn, it turned out that her liking Zach had been a mistake from the very beginning.

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