The Rewritten Love: A Second Beginning Max Charming

Chapter 125

“I’m sorry, I’m not good at controlling my emotions.” The frost in her eyes quickly went away as Jadie
gave Serena an innocent look.

“I’m… I’m really sorry. I did not mean to say that. We no longer live together now, so I’ll pass the word
on to Madelyn. I hope you don’t take this to heart.”

Serena gave her a weird look. The initial goodwill she had for Jadie had disappeared.

‘The heck does she mean by “not good at controlling her emotions?” She tried to make it sound pretty
but all it really meant was that she could no longer keep up the facade. When she first joined the class,
she was kind to everyone, gentle and would often inspire others to protect her…’

And now, after Serena left, there was no one else left in the room. The initial lively atmosphere was
now totally gone.

Jadie had been just fine at first, but somehow things had turned out like this.

After leaving Supreme World, Madelyn went to learn the cello, calligraphy and then dance…

For Madelyn, whose limbs were virtually uncoordinated, the heavens had deigned to give her a flexible
body, but she could never get into the groove, and she felt like she was an ogre trying to pull off a ballet
spin in the mirror.

Yet, the most painful part was stretching, especially after three months of no practice. She stayed until
about eight thirty in the evening before she left the practice room. Madelyn was so exhausted she
collapsed onto the ground. She was so close to calling the ambulance or just outright spending the
night there.

As Jordan had gone to pick Jadie up, Madelyn could only hail a taxi back in the middle of the


She wore a thick black coat, her hands inside the pockets as she closed her eyes and soon fell asleep
inside the car.

The driver turned around and said, “Hello miss, you haven’t told me where you want to go yet!

“To the Southern Haven Villas.” Madelyn said as she leaned drowsily against the car window.

At the Azure Company office, Kevin was talking to Zach.

“Mr. Zach, the business class ticket to Manchester departing in one hour and thirty minutes has been
booked. We can leave in another half an hour’s time.”

Kevin had prepared the documents in advance since he knew Zach was always the last to leave the
office. Due to the time zone difference with Manchester, it was best for them to fly over a

this hour.

After Zach finished sending out the last of his emails, he unplugged the laptop and slid it into his laptop
bag. “Let’s go over now.”

“Sure, Mr. Zach.”

Just as Zach grabbed his coat and was about to leave, his handphone suddenly rang.

When he saw who was the one calling him, Zach quickly answered the call.


“Hello, is this Mr. Jardin?” The voice from the phone was not Jadie’s, but a man’s voice.

The person quickly explained what was going on and Zach frowned as he put down his computer bag.

“Keep your eyes on her, I’ll come over right now.”

Zach then marched out of his office while Kevin was left confused as to what had happened.

At the Blue Bar, Jadie was smashed drunk and was unconscious.

The bartender was patting her on the back. “Miss, Miss, Mr. Jardin is coming over right now. Hang in

“Get lost, don’t touch me!”

Jadie pushed the group away and almost fell onto the ground herself.

As she squatted by the roadside, she suddenly saw a dazzling high beam flashing toward her, and a
very familiar car license plate number.

As she averted her eyes from the high beam, the car soon stopped before her.

Zach got down from the car and when Jadie saw him, she got up happily and ran toward him and
leaped onto him. “Zach, what took you so long? I’ve been waiting for ages!”

Zach caught her and looked at the people before him. His vision suddenly blurred as Madelyn’s face
appeared before him, and with it, her unreasonable requests.

“You came so late! I’ve waited for you for so long… As your punishment, you’ll carry me back home like

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