The Rewritten Love: A Second Beginning Max Charming

Chapter 124

“Haven’t seen you in a couple of days. You’re looking pretty lively, huh?” Forrest lit the metallic lighter in
his hand, the blue-reddish flames reflected in the dark, his emotions obscured behind it.

The elevator was already on the 12th floor, and they would arrive soon.

Tiger pressed the button. “You know him?” he asked Madelyn.

“Not really.” Madelyn looked away as she followed him into the elevator.

Timothy smiled. “Hey, Forrest, Madelyn’s totally ignoring you.”

Adrian smacked Forrest on the shoulder and walked into the private room with a smile on his face.

Forrest let out a dark smile as he closed his lighter cap. “How heartless.”

The private room on the tenth floor was alive with cheer and laughter. There were flowers, balloons,
cakes and candles.

The birthday party was supposed to be at night, but Zach had a flight that night and needed to depart at
midnight, so the birthday party could only be arranged in the afternoon.

After singing the birthday song, Jadie cut the first piece of cake and handed it to Zach, who was
standing by the window, under everyone’s gaze.

“Zach, this first slice is for you. Thank you for coming to my birthday party even though you’re so busy

Zach had never liked sweet food, but he still took the cake. He then looked away and saw Madelyn
getting into the car. He then turned around with an impassive look on his face as a trace of displeasure

appeared in his eyes.

“I’ll get Jordan to send you home tonight. I need to go back to the office.”

Zach grabbed his keys and left, and the cake was placed back on the table.

“Zach…”Jadie called out to him.

She looked dejectedly at the cake before her.

Soon, a girl came to comfort her as Jadie cut the second piece of cake and handed it over to


Sitting on the sofa, Forrest had an arrogant expression, resting his leg onto the table. Seeing that she
was walking over to him, Forrest put his leg down and gave the cake a taste before almost spitting it
out. “You girls sure like all these weird stuffs. It’s too damn sweet. I’m not eating it.

Jadie stood awkwardly in place and did not know what to do.

She seemed to get a feeling that Forrest was angry, but she did not know why!

Timothy tried to ease the atmosphere and took the cake from Jadie as he sat down beside Forrest,
“Forrest, come on man, how can you not eat such a pretty lady’s birthday cake?”

He then leaned over with a disgusting look on his face. “Come, come, just have a bite…”

“Get lost!” Forrest pushed him away irritably, almost causing Timothy and the cake to fall.

The next moment, Forrest tossed a pink studded purse onto the table. “You! Help me pass this to her!”
Those words were meant for Jadie.

Forrest tossed the purse on the table and left.

Jadie was so at a loss she did not know what to do.

With Forrest leaving, Timothy and Adrian naturally followed suit, as well as the few other girls in the
room. They had come here for Forrest and now that he was gone, they had no more.

reason to stay.

The originally large private room was only left with a few people after people left one by one.

The room that could fit twenty suddenly became empty.

Serena walked to Jadie’s side and adjusted her spectacle. “Jadie, when will Madelyn come back

to school?”

Jadie got up with her fist clenched and her body trembling. The moment she heard Madelyn’s name
spoken, it was as if a switch had been flipped, and her innocent facade crumbled away.

She glared at Serena coldly, as if another personality had taken over. “If you want to know that much,
go ask her yourself! Don’t ask me! Get lost!”

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