The Rewritten Love: A Second Beginning Max Charming

Chapter 121

Madelyn shook her head as she remained silent.

Tiger said, “Well, we still have ten minutes left, and it’s also lunchtime now. Miss Madelyn,

may I have the honor of taking you out for lunch?”

Madelyn had not eaten much before leaving the house, so she was getting hungry.

“I’m not that hungry.” As she was speaking, her stomach started to growl.

An awkward expression grew on her face.

Tiger then said with a smile, “Come on, kiddo. There are some new desserts today, and I think you’ll
like it.”

The golf caddy had already put away the golf clubs.

“Thanks in advance for the lunch then, coach.”

They left, and Madelyn walked behind Tiger.

Apart from golf, Supreme World was an entertainment city that included all recreational facilities,
including dining and accommodation. As long as you had the money, you could basically get anything
you wanted there.

“What cuisine would you like?”

“I’m thinking Asian.” Madelyn had never tried their food before.

“Sure.” Tiger took a ticket and reserved a table in the restaurant on the tenth floor.

They walked into the elevator, which got them to the tenth floor in no time.

Like a gentleman, Tiger held the elevator door back with his arm. “Please.”

“Thank you.”

The pair walked into a quiet hallway that had soft Persian carpet for flooring.

A waiter quickly walked up to them when they entered the restaurant. “Mr. Irwin, we’ve arranged your
usual table for you.”


Sitting by the window, they could see the large green expanse of Supreme World that extended into the

There was soft music, and the whole ambience was serene. Madelyn loved it.

The waiter brought two menus for them. The pictures of the dishes looked good, but there were no
prices on the menu.

“See if there’s anything you like.”

Madelyn pointed at the picture and asked, “What’s this?”

The waiter replied, “It’s chicken soup. The ingredients used are all fresh and delivered today. You can
give it a try, Miss. We use a lot of herbs to make the broth and they have multiple health and skincare
benefits, which would really suit a beautiful young lady like you.”

Tiger asked Madelyn, “How does that sound? It’s actually pretty good, you know.”

Madelyn nodded. “Okay then, one of that, please.”

“Sure, Miss.”

Tiger then ordered a few of his favorite dishes.

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