The Rewritten Love: A Second Beginning Max Charming

Chapter 119

It was hard to read his expression.

The prize was a knight holding a shield and spear on a horse with its hoof raised. It was a pretty heavy

“It might be fake. That mind of hers is probably just filled with men.” Hayson tossed her report card

Madelyn tightened her grip on the spoon.

The report card landed next to Zach’s feet. He bent down, picked it up, and looked at it. Madelyn had
gotten full scores for most of her subjects.

If he remembered correctly, Madelyn used to score around 50% on average.

If she had achieved such good results, she could choose any universities that she liked without
Hayson’s help. Had she really done this on her own, or had she cheated?

Only Madelyn knew.


Jadie took a peek and was shocked as well. Madelyn had scored higher than her in subject. Even in
Ventrocloud High School, Madelyn would be in the top three scorers in her grade with results like that.

An uneasy feeling grew in Jadie’s heart. She did not know when or how Madelyn’s results had gotten
so good.

“Not bad. You scored seventy marks higher than Jadie.” Zach said.

Madelyn could not tell if he was being sarcastic or genuine. He sounded like he thought that she had
cheated on the exam.

But did she care?

In their eyes, she would always be just a piece of trash.

Madelyn did not remember the new housemaid’s name, so she just looked at her and said, “If the
school calls again, just tell them that I won’t be going to school anytime soon. I’m putting my
extracurricular classes as my priority now. I’m also not interested in the competition, so I won’t be

Madelyn put down her spoon and stood up. “I’m done eating. Enjoy your meal, Father.”

The risotto was slightly undercooked, so Madelyn had only taken a few bites and left more than half of
it in the bowl and finished her milk.

Margaret nodded. “O-Okay.”

“What’s wrong with this family? What kind of father belittles his daughter like this? And this brother of
hers… His tone’s off too. She just got such good results. If my son could do as good as she did, I
would’ve spoiled him rotten,’ Margaret thought.

“Tch… Not only is she smart, but she’s also pretty. There aren’t many good girls like her! But even
though she’s good, she doesn’t really care about anyone. If I’d known that this family would be this
hard to serve, I wouldn’t have agreed to work here. I could’ve just enjoyed my life, but this family just
pays too much.”

Madelyn sat in the car with her eyes closed, trying to get some sleep as she did not sleep well last

The only class that she was interested in was art class, but the only thing Hayson had forbidden her to
do was to hold a paintbrush.

The driver asked, “Where to, Miss Jent?”

“Supreme World.”

Supreme World’s golf course was located in the “Golden Triangle” area of Ventropolis, Marisburg, and
Yarisburg. The total area of the gold course covered 313 acres, featuring vertical sand pits, rivers and
lakes crisscrossing, pavilions, and exotic plants. Playing there felt like a stroll in a garden.

Many rich people liked to go there too.

The annual cost was as high as a million dollars.

Several business deals were casually sealed while the businessmen golfed.

In her past life, Madelyn had witnessed Zach striking a business partnership with a maritime trader in
under 20 minutes. That project had been worth several million dollars.

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