The Rewritten Love: A Second Beginning Max Charming

Chapter 118

‘I know this voice, it’s Jadie.’

‘That’s right… Jadie got bullied in school. Zach would never let her stay in a place like that.’

Margaret turned and saw her. “Hello, miss.”

Jadie stood up when she heard Margaret. “Madelyn.”

She flashed a big smile. “Why… aren’t you in your uniform? I heard you got discharged from the
hospital, so I came here to go to school with you. We’ll be in the same school now, Madelyn. Look out
for me, okay?”

‘Is this fate?’

In their past life, Jadie had gotten into Ventrocloud High School as well. Madelyn had thought that
everything and everyone’s fate would change in this life, but she realized that everything just stayed the
same, no matter what.

If that were the case, would Jadie still die?

Just like her…

No one’s fate could be changed. The ending had already been set from the beginning.

Jadie noticed that Madelyn kept quiet. “Madelyn… What happened? Are you feeling unwell?”

Madelyn replied, “I’m fine.”

Margaret said, “Miss Jent, Miss Jadie… You can start eating when Mr. Jent comes down.”

Madelyn walked out of the kitchen and poured herself a cup of milk, which was cold.

Suddenly, she could hear Rosario in her head, saying, “Oh you, who drinks cold milk in the morning?
I’ve already warmed up some milk for you.”

Hayson walked down the stairs, followed by Zach in a black suit. “…Keep a close eye on this project.
Nothing can go wrong.”

“Yes, Father,” Zach replied.

“Miss Jent, Rosario has informed me that you’ll have an upset stomach when you drink cold drinks in
the morning. I’ve already warmed up some milk for you. Drink some.”

Zach glanced over when he heard Margaret, his gaze deep. But he quickly looked away.

Madelyn closed the fridge door and said, “It’s fine.”

Then, she took a seat at the dining table.

Hayson took a seat and talked to Zach about work.

That was when he noticed Madelyn.

“Why are you not in your uniform?” Hayson’s tone was cold.

Madelyn ate some risotto and responded, “I won’t be going to school for now. I plan to work

on the extracurricular activities that I missed.”

Hayson nodded. “That’s fine too.”

Margaret suddenly walked over. “Mr. and Miss Jent… The school called earlier and asked Miss Jent to
join some competition.”

Jayson asked, “What competition?”

“I’m so forgetful… I think it’s a Math Olympiad or something. There was something about Miss Jent’s
report card and a prize too. The person who sent the prize said that Miss Jent did not attend the school
ceremony, so he sent it here instead.”

“What stupid prize is that? It’s nothing but trash,” Hayson said disdainfully.

Madelyn was used to Hayson belittling her, so she remained quiet and continued eating with her head

Margaret continued, “No, Mr. Jent. The prize is a golden figurine. I think it’s made of gold. It’s very shiny
and beautiful. I’ll show you.”

She quickly brought it over along with an unopened file and handed them over to Hayson, who
hesitated before taking them.

There was a thin sheet of paper in the file. It was Madelyn’s report card.

Hayson squinted as he looked at Madelyn’s results gloomily.

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