The Rewritten Love: A Second Beginning Max Charming

Chapter 116

Madelyn’s eyes lit up with anticipation. “May I know what the surprise is?” she asked the deliverer.

“You’ll find out when the time comes, Ms. Jent. The extra ticket allows you to bring a friend along.”

Holding the two tickets and an expensive bound art album signed by Edward Waltz, Madelyn was at a
loss. She had no friends to invite. But then, she thought of someone suddenly, and she wondered if he
would like to join her.

At nine in the evening, the evening breeze stirred outside. In a hospital room on the 15th floor, Ethan
was in a video conference. The door to his room was slightly ajar, sounds from outside trickling in.

“Ms. Jent, please wait a moment. He’s in a meeting. It won’t be long.”

“If he’s busy, I won’t bother him, then. George, could you please give him this ticket?”

George was taken aback by the ticket, a hint of surprise accompanying his smile. Madelyn did not
realize her timing was not great. Just as she was fretting over how to offer Ethan the ticket, George
could conveniently pass it on.

Just then, Leyton emerged from the room, laptop in hand. “Ms. Jent, Mr. Arnold’s meeting is over. You
can go in now.”

Nervously, Madelyn wrinkled the ticket in her hand. She had not expected others to be present.

‘Mr. Arnold? His last name is Arnold?’ Lost in thought, Madelyn barely registered Leyton’s call.

“Ms. Jent…”

Jolted back to reality, Madelyn hesitated before finally stepping inside. Ethan had just finished tidying
his papers, his piercing, ink-like eyes glancing at her. Perhaps due to his busy schedule, a hint of
fatigue lurked in his gaze. He rolled down his sleeves, hiding the tattoo on

his forearm.

“I heard you needed to speak with me. Why are you standing there? Please, have a seat.”

Madelyn approached, taking a seat beside him. “I just came to ask if you’re free next week. I’d like to
invite you to an art exhibition.” She presented the ticket. “If it’s inconvenient for you, it’s no big deal.”

Ethan replied, “Sure! I’d never turn down an invitation from you.”

Madelyn had not expected his acceptance.

“Where do you live? I’ll arrange a ride for you.”

“No need for a ride. Let’s just meet at the gallery.”

Ethan nodded. “There’s just one thing…”

“What is it?”

Ethan chuckled. “Well, you’ll have to look after me.” His gaze dropped to his own legs.

“No trouble at all. After all, you’ve had people taking care of me throughout my stay in the hospital. It’s
only fair that I do the same for you.”

Ethan seemed deep in thought, then nodded. “Alright, it’s a date. We’ll meet next week, no matter

“Sure, it’s a date.”

Madelyn left after handing over the ticket. George escorted her to the elevator, and upon returning to
Ethan’s room, noticed him still examining the exhibition ticket.

“Ms. Jent seems to be in high spirits. She doesn’t seem bothered by your condition. Why don’t you tell
her the truth?”


gaze was gentle, a soft smile playing on his lips. “She’s always been sharp. Do you really think she
hasn’t figured it out yet?”

“Leyton, postpone all meetings on the 25th.”

“Certainly, Mr. Arnold.”

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