The Rewritten Love: A Second Beginning Max Charming

Chapter 114

Madelyn felt anger building up inside her, but she had nowhere to vent. She clenched her fists and
looked down, remaining silent.

Jadie felt the oppressive aura in the room radiating from Zach, so she hurriedly diffused the situation
with a light-hearted tone. “Zach, we’ve got movie tickets, remember? The show starts soon, and we
don’t want to be late.”

She shook her head subtly at Zach, urging him to leave it at that. She did not know what had transpired
between Zach and Madelyn; the once smitten Madelyn had turned cold toward Zach, sometimes even
responding with harsh words. A mad Zach scared even her.

With an icy gaze, he ripped up Madelyn’s sketch. “You just won’t grow up, will you? Haven’t the last
three months knocked any sense into you?”

Jadie quickly ushered Zach away. As they reached the door, Madelyn picked up the torn sketch

from the floor. “Zach…”

They stopped at the door.

“I just want to do what I like. Could you… stop meddling with me? I’ve already compromised. on
everything you want me to do. Whether it’s attending Ventropolis University or getting married right
after graduation… For these remaining three years, can you just not interfere?”

She thought to herself, ‘Why do you hate me so much that you’d even destroy my sketches? Zach,
you’re not even my real brother. There’s nothing left between us!’

After they left, only silence hung in the room.

‘Does this mean I’ve completely broken off with Zach? As someone who’s already experienced death,
why should I still fear him?’

Madelyn ate every bit of the food from the thermal container. Unexpectedly, another delivery arrived in
half an hour. Worried that she might go hungry, Zach had ordered food from another restaurant.
Madelyn was already full, but with a spoon in hand, she continued to eat. She did not know what was
wrong with her and how to vent her feelings. Instead, she began. binge eating and drinking to keep her
mind from wandering. Usually a light eater, she now

consumed six times her normal amount of food.

When the nurse came in to change Madelyn’s medication, she heard noises from the restroom. The
nurse stood at the door, watching Madelyn slump to the floor amidst the mess of takeout. containers.
The nurse, realizing what might be happening, expressed concern. “Are you alright?”

“Get out.” Madelyn said.

“You need to take your medication.”

Feeling the intensity of their gazes, Madelyn avoided looking at them and nervously tucked a loose
strand of hair behind her ear. “Well, I won’t keep you then. Have fun.”

“Have you had dinner yet? Zach brought some food Rosario cooked…”

Suddenly, a gust of wind from the outside scattered the drawing papers everywhere on the table.
Madelyn rushed over to press the rest of the drawings down with a sketch pad. One sketch drifted to
Zach’s feet. He bent down to pick it up. It was a portrait of a man. And there.

were more.

Zach suddenly spoke up. “Have you been drawing these in the hospital?” There was a hint of
displeasure in his voice.

Madelyn picked it up, dusting off the sketch. “I had nothing to do, so I just tried drawing


Jadie glanced at the drawing, asking, “Is this man someone you like, Madelyn?”

‘Like? Him? I won’t fall for anyone. One bitter lesson is enough for me.”

Madelyn explained, “He’s a new friend I made in the hospital. I had nothing to do, so I let him be my

Jadie noticed the table was filled with books about sketching and a set of drawing pencils.

Zach then asked, “You’ve got finals coming up, and you’re still fooling around with all this?”

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