The Rewritten Love: A Second Beginning Max Charming

Chapter 109

Madelyn was devastated and felt like she would be better off dead. In her past life, she had been too
naive to understand Zach’s true intentions. Now, whenever she dwelled on his actions, all she would
feel was heartbreak.

Tears welled up in her eyes, but she did not make a sound or cry. Madelyn wiped her tears away. ” I’m
fine. There was a bug in my eye.”

The nurse stared at Madelyn as if she had grown a third eye. The hospital was sterile, and there was
no way there could be any bugs in the hospital.

The nurse wondered, ‘Has this patient gone insane?”

However, the nurse did not press any further. Noticing that the IV drip was already half-empty, she
adjusted the infusion speed and slowed it down! After leaving the room, she informed. Madelyn’s
attending doctor about her mental condition.

Crown Villa Club was established in the early 1980s. It used to be a cabaret from the Republican era,
yet it was now transformed into a club while maintaining its vintage style.

In a private room on the second floor, Zach stood by the French window, overlooking the songstress on
the first floor. The singer onstage was singing a nostalgic old song, “Every Breath You Take”. Her
stunning appearance exuded charm with her long, wavy hair and pearl earrings. She was wearing a
cherry blossom red satin dress with a white fox fur shawl.

The singer was none other than Jasmine Manning.

On the sofa, Kai Stewart had his arms around two pretty women with voluptuous bodies wrapped in
satin dresses and sultry makeup. Kai had left his pink shirt unbuttoned, revealing tantalizing lipstick

marks on his chest.

“I haven’t even made a move, yet your little girlfriend already looks like she’s about to go crazy. Tsk…
Do you not care about her at all? My men told me she’s been in her ward crying all day, not leaving her
bed. Even I felt bad for her when I heard the news! I think you’re the only one who doesn’t give a
damn!” Kai mocked Zach, enjoying the company of the women and eating the grapes they fed him.

He then nodded, “Oops, I forgot. You don’t have a heart, after all.”

“If you have nothing good to say, shut your mouth.” Zach shot back. He turned back and placed his
glass on the table. One of the ladies tried to pour more wine into his glass but was scared away as he
glared at her.

“Look at you, scaring away my girl. Such a square,” Kai muttered as he sat up straight and

buttoned up his shirt. He gestured for the women to leave the room, and they obeyed.

Only Zach and Kai were left in the private room. Kai said, “You don’t even need to strike a blow at
Madelyn. She’ll be abandoned by Hayson anyways.

Zach asked, “What are you trying to say?”

Kai explained, “Madelyn’s medical report came out. You achieved your goal, the batch of drugs worked.
Madelyn will never be able to conceive in her lifetime. Now that she can’t have children,

do you really think Hayson will treat her well, no matter how pretty she is? He’ll probably make her
accompany business partners or use her body to reinforce his position in the capital.

“You should know that Madelyn inherited the looks of the woman who used to be the finest beauty in
Ventropolis. Once Hayson learns she’s infertile, he’ll discard her in no time. Eighteen… What a youthful

age! Imagine how many people will try to get their hands on her. When the time. comes, you won’t
even need to lift a finger.”

Kai clapped his hands, and his eyes glinted with the excitement and madness.

Zach stared thoughtfully at the liquid in the glass. His eyes were cold.

Kai assumed Zach was getting soft and having second thoughts. He put his arms around Zach’s
shoulder and said with a wicked look, “Don’t you want to see what the noble Miss Jent will be like when
she falls from grace?

“But before that, how about I taste her first? She’s a spoiled and pampered child, so she must taste

Zach calmly removed his hand and stood up. He patted the spot that Kai had touched, as if brushing
away dust, and directed his gaze toward him. “Don’t show me that disgusting expression.

Kai laid back; his hands spread out on the sofa’s backrest. “Why, did I strike a nerve?”

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