The Rewritten Love: A Second Beginning Max Charming

Chapter 108

In her past life, when Madelyn had heard this news, it had dealt a heavy blow to her. She had been
unable to conceive due to her uterine deformity. She had long hoped for a child with Zach, as she
thought it would stop Zach from fooling around with other women.

After a long wait, they had finally gotten the chance to welcome their baby into the world. However,
Zach forced her into having an abortion.

Before that, she had gotten into an’ accident and had spent over half a month in hospital. After
recovering, she had gotten a full-body checkup, and her medical report had been sent to Zach.

She recalled, ‘Why did Zach lie and tell me that my condition was fine? If he hadn’t hidden my condition
from me and had let me seek medical treatment earlier, maybe our child wouldn’t have died back then!’

Thinking of Zach’s true intentions, Madelyn felt a chill go down her spine.

“Zach didn’t just marry Cecilia because of his so-called “need for an heir”. Zach just wanted to… How
foolish of me, all he wanted was a child with Cecilia

‘My stomach cancer was caused by the metastasized uterine cancer cells. By the time I found out, I
was already in the late stages of stomach cancer. It all makes sense now. Zach knew about all of it; my
condition and how I’d die a painful death in the hospital. Even till the very end, he never showed up, not
even to collect my dead body.

She finally understood. ‘He just wanted to see me live in pain. That’s why he announced his marriage
to Cecilia and revealed their child on Valentine’s Day, the anniversary of our wedding. It was all just a
show for me, carefully calculated so he could hurt me as much as possible.’ The realization broke her
heart all over again.

“How heartless you are, Zach Jardin. You’re so cruel to me.” Madelyn whispered.

Every memory she recalled from her past life felt like a dagger stabbing into her heart, subjecting her to
endless torture. Even in this life, Madelyn could not find a way to let go of all the pain that Zach had
caused her in her past life. To her, retaining all her memories after being reborn was worse than death.

At that moment, the nurse happened to pass by and noticed Madelyn clenching her chest, visibly in
pain. Thinking that something was happening to her, the nurse rushed over to check on her.

“Miss Jent, are you alright? Where does it hurt?”

It was not the first time Madelyn had cried all alone in the hospital. Every time someone asked her why
she was crying she would just remain silent and shake her head.

At this rate, she would start suffering from severe depression. Madelyn wiped away her tears. She
managed to stop crying, but what could she do about her broken heart?

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