The Rewritten Love: A Second Beginning Max Charming

Chapter 107

The next day, instead of returning to normal, Madelyn’s body temperature rose even higher. Her brow
trickled with sweat, and her eyes were wet with tears.

She was so sick that she started hallucinating and rambling incoherently. If a nurse had not noticed it,
she might have gone delirious from the fever.

The caregiver that Kevin had hired only arrived in the afternoon. Rosario was used to taking care of
Madelyn and brought fresh clothes for her early in the morning. She wiped away her own tears upon
seeing Madelyn suffer.

She thought, ‘I shouldn’t have let her stay at that kind of place. She’s never experienced any hardships
growing up.’ Rosario deeply regretted it.

After Madelyn received a painkiller injection, her body temperature returned to normal, but she still
showed no signs of waking up.

Rosario had to go back and could not just stay in the hospital to take care of Madelyn round the clock,
so she told the caregiver what she should be mindful about when taking care of Madelyn, such as what
she should and should not eat.

Madelyn only woke up the next morning.

The caregiver was a woman in her thirties. She was holding a bowl of bland potato soup as she fed it to

After taking a few sips, Madelyn suddenly felt nauseous and vomited.

The potatoes were undercooked and made Madelyn feel sick.

The caregiver quickly grabbed a trash can for her to puke into. A hint of disgust glinted in her eyes as
she patted Madelyn’s back.

After Madelyn finished vomiting, the caregiver poured a glass of water for her to rinse her mouth.

She asked, “Do you still want to drink this soup?”

Madelyn’s stomach was in pain from the vomiting. Her face turned pale. She weakly shook her


“No. Throw it away.’

She could not get used to food that was not made by Rosario, as her stomach was very sensitive.

She suddenly craved Rosario’s walnut cake and wondered what Rosario was doing right now. She -felt
like Rosario had not come to visit her in a very long time.

Mrs. Zamora, the caregiver, did not want to waste the soup. She thought, This soup cost five to six
dollars. Since she doesn’t want to drink it, I’ll just bring it back home. It’ll still taste good after heating it

She requested the afternoon off as she had some family matters to deal with, and Madelyn let her go

Aside from occasional visits from the nurses, Madelyn was alone in the ward, but she was used to

When she saw the sunny weather, she felt it would be nice to take a walk outside. However, Madelyn
spent most of her time sitting on her bed lost in thought.

Her mind flashed back to what the doctor had told her.

The doctor’s expression had been grim as he read the medical report. He asked, “Where’s your family?
They aren’t here to accompany you?”

Madelyn, “They’re all very busy. Doctor… Is there something wrong with me? Tell me the truth.” The
doctor responded, “Our findings show that you have congenital uterine anomalies which require
surgical treatment as soon as possible, otherwise your chances of pregnancy will be extremely low. If
you conceive before the surgery, there’s a high chance of having a miscarriage. In more severe cases,
it could even develop into uterine cancer, so as your doctor, my recommendation is for you to undergo
the surgery as soon as possible. The medical facilities in Ventropolis are quite advanced, and the
earlier you undergo the surgery, the lower the risks.”

“I understand,” Madelyn said. “But I’d like to discuss it with my family before making my decision. Can I
give you an answer after that?”

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