The Rewritten Love: A Second Beginning Max Charming

Chapter 105

Zach had not expected Madelyn to jump into the sea without any hesitation.

Evidently, Madelyn was a completely different person now than how he remembered her. He wondered
what had caused that.

‘Did she discover something?”

He had noticed something was off ever since she had retaliated against the Linney family.

He pondered, ‘If she’s like this, I can’t keep her by my side, let alone give her the chance to get close to
the Arnold family.’

Jadie watched Zach left with the documents. She realized he did not ask her about what happened to
her in Portsmouth Fishing Village and felt that Zach did not care about her at all.

When Jadie saw the pile of photos on Zach’s desk in the study, she finally realized that when Madelyn
had first run away from the Jent family, Zach had sent someone to keep a close watch on her the whole
time, instead of just ignoring her.

She thought, ‘If Madelyn hadn’t gotten into trouble, Zach probably wouldn’t have gone to Portsmouth
Fishing Village personally to deal with the matter.’

Jadie had

grown up with Zach, and they had experienced all kinds of hardships together. They were the closest
individuals in each other’s lives.

However, during her years abroad, she noticed Zach becoming increasingly distant toward her, and
started becoming genuinely afraid that she would lose him.

Zach left the conference room after the meeting at the company ended. He then received a call from

Kevin had just paid Madelyn’s hospital bill. He held the bill as he informed Zach, “Ms. Jent just had her
blood transfusion. Her abdominal wound has been stitched up too. There aren’t any other internal
injuries. However, she has a high fever, a hundred- and four-degrees Fahrenheit. She needs to stay in
the hospital for a week.”

He was praying that he would not have to stay there and take care of Madelyn.

‘If so, I’d rather die.”

Zach got into the elevator. He checked the time, and it was four-thirty in the afternoon.

He responded, “Find a caregiver to take care of her round the clock.”


After the call ended, Kevin felt like he had forgotten to inform Zach about something important, but he
could not remember it, so he just ignored it.

After Kevin found a caregiver, he did not waste much time there. Once everything was taken care of,
he drove back to the company.

The hospital was cold and filled with the sterile smell of disinfectant.

Madelyn dreamed that she had died and that her soul had left her body. In her dream, her soul
wandered the hospital corridors, but no matter where she went, she could not leave the dark hospital.

She watched as the people and the hospital strollers walked past her…She was trapped.

The pain in Madelyn’s throat woke her up. She was dizzy and had lost count of how many times she
had gotten sick and woken up feeling like this every time.

The empty ward was dark. She coughed uncomfortably several times. As soon as she felt the coldness
on the back of her hand, she quickly removed the needle. She thought, ‘If I’d slept any longer, I’d
probably be dead by tomorrow.”

She sat up by using the bed to support herself. Just as she stretched her hand to turn on the bedside
switch, the lights were switched on.

The harsh light made her squint.

When she saw Zach standing at the door, Madelyn was terrified.

She pondered, ‘When did Zach come here? Why didn’t I notice him?’

She said in a hoarse voice, “Zach…”

Zach emotionlessly glanced at the needle on the floor as he walked toward Madelyn. He then used the
back of his hand to feel her forehead, which was still hot with fever.

Madelyn whispered in her thoughts again, ‘Shouldn’t he be with Jadie right now?’

She coughed a few times. She did not dare to look into his fierce eyes, “Zach… It’s so late now. Why
did you come?”

“Madelyn, why are you so determined to leave the Jent family? Or… did something, and you just don’t
want to tell me about it?!”

She was intimidated by him and suddenly felt suffocated. Her face turned pale

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