The Rewritten Love: A Second Beginning Max Charming

Chapter 103

Madelyn decided to change the topic and softly said, “I lost my purse.”

“Drive,” Zach said to the driver.

Madelyn was worried, and she would not be troubling him unless it was absolutely necessary. She
continued, “There’s a photo of my mom inside, and it’s very important to me.”

“Got it.” Zach responded.

With his assurance, Madelyn knew Zach would surely help her find the wallet.

Shelley ran and chased after the car, wailing uncontrollably as Rogan and the others had been taken
away by the police.

Everyone there was left scared senseless. They had all seen just how ruthless Zach could be. With just
a few strikes, all five hooligans had been beaten to a bloody pulp!

Blood had been left all over and cleaning it off proved to be a daunting task.

As the scene had unfolded, no one had dared to speak a word. They did not want to get into trouble
just for a few hooligans and could tell Zach and his people were not to be messed with.

Wonda was hiding behind a tractor and had seen everything unfold. The scene had left her weak in the
knees. Soon, she heard a group of people talking.

One of them, a green-haired guy, asked, “Forry, who was that girl? And what’s up with all those suits?
Are they some powerful people or something?”

Alex muttered, “Those cars cost at least a few hundred thousand dollars each. Forrest, do you know

Forrest had one hand in his pocket and played with a metal lighter with the other hand. He pressed it,
and a flame burst out.

He advised them, “From now on, you guys should stay away from her and especially that man with the
last name ‘Jardin’.”

‘Madelyn seemed easy to bully, but the Jent family isn’t to be trifled with. Zach is still

as brutal as before,’ he mused.

every bit

“That man was freaking ruthless. I could hear their bones breaking from here. It must’ve been
excruciating!” said the green-haired guy.

Forrest closed the lighter. He looked at the person who was trembling not far away before approaching

When Wonda saw him walking toward her, she wanted to run away in terror, but her legs were still
weak so she could not move.

Forrest stretched his hand and said, “Hand it over.”

Wonda’s family was not wealthy, and she was not good-looking either. Sometimes, she would even be
bullied by the locals, so she did not dare to mess with these hooligans.

She wondered why Forrest was looking for her. She did not dare to look into his eyes.

She stuttered, “W-What…”

“Do I need to remind you? You stole Madelyn’s purse, didn’t you? Stop feigning innocence,” Forrest
sneered with an icy gaze. “It’s bad enough that you’re ugly, but a thief on top of that?”

Wonda quickly responded, “I didn’t steal her purse, I found it!”

“You knew it belonged to her and you didn’t return it! What’s the difference between that and stealing?”

Wonda’s hand trembled as she took the purse out of her pocket. Her face flushed with embarrassment.
She clenched her teeth and remained silent.

Forrest opened the purse and took out Madelyn’s identity card to have a look, ‘She’s quite good -
looking. Her student card and other items are still here.”

He asked, “Where’s the money?!”

“I-I’ve spent it…”

Forrest looked at her with scorn. He reluctantly took some money out of his own wallet, amounting to a
little over a thousand dollars, put the money into Madelyn’s pink purse and said, “If you steal again, I’ll
send you to jail. Get lost!”

Wonda scurried away in fear.

Alex grumbled, “You weren’t the one who stole the money. Why’d you put your money inside?!

“I’ve got too much money to spend! Got a problem with that?” Forrest snapped.

He pondered, ‘No one understands the Jent family better than I do. Zach will make someone fork out
every penny that Madelyn loses.’

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