The Rewritten Love: A Second Beginning Max Charming

Chapter 99

Madelyn leaned back and fell, the wind blowing against her face as if it were a knife.

Her body was wracked with pain all over.

Forrest shouted, “Madelyn Jent!”

“Oh no! Mr. Jardin, Ms. Jent is-” Fred uttered in shock.

Zach said, “Madelyn-”

“Oh fuck! Rogan, that woman actually jumped. We killed her! What should we do?!”

“This has nothing to do with me! I didn’t kill her! I didn’t do anything.”

Rogan looked down, and Madelyn was already nowhere to be seen. He was so terrified that his legs
gave out, and he fell onto the ground. Meanwhile, the others had already run away in fear.

At that moment, Forrest arrived. He took off the only piece of clothing on him-a short- sleeved shirt and
jumped into the water without a word.

“Oh shit, Forrest! Forrest actually jumped!”

Madelyn had fallen onto the rocks, and she bled out into the sea. The ice-cold seawater seemed to
freeze her limbs, and her consciousness turned hazy. She felt like she was free- falling like a perishing
star and falling to a place where she belonged.

It’s so dark… Mom, I’m cold…’ she thought.

Ajax anxiously paced by the shore.

“Call the cops! Quick, call the cops!”

Someone took out a cell phone and tried calling, “It’s not connecting. The signal’s dead because it’s

Ajax scratched his head in distress and continued pacing around anxiously, “Fuck…”

“What do we do?!” the



said in worry.

Ajax roared in annoyance, “You’re asking me? How the hell am I supposed to know? You two, go and
get the others. Go get someone who knows how to swim. And get a phone. Find a place that has a
good signal and call the cops. Then, we’ll talk.”

Alex and Jadie waited until the rain stopped. When they saw that Forrest and the others still had not
returned, they sensed that something was amiss. And so, they went to the seaside.

As expected, they saw Ajax anxiously pacing around by the sea.

“Ajax, where’s Forrest?”


Ajax said hesitantly, “Forrest just jumped into the sea to save the girl.”

Alex widened her eyes in disbelief before going up to Ajax and grabbing him by the collar. Then, she
kicked him to the ground, “Why didn’t you stop him? It’s high tide right now, he’s gonna die!”

Jadie covered her mouth and teared

up in worry, “F-Forrest…”

“Another person just jumped into the sea. We don’t know who it was.’

Alex teared up in desperation, “Forrest, you’re an asshole! If you die, I won’t let you off easily, even if
you turn into a ghost!”

At that moment, the red-haired guy pointed to some spot in the distance. He was in shock and could
not speak, “A-Alex… It… It’s Forrest!”

Everyone turned to look in that direction and saw Forrest holding a person in his arms as he walked out
of the sea.

Everyone walked over to him. Forrest placed Madelyn on the ground. Then, he pinched her nose,
leaned down, and gave her mouth-to-mouth.


Alex and Jadie immediately ran over to Forrest, who had turned blue from the cold.

Forrest sat up and started performing CPR.

“All of you, step back.”

Jadie was frozen in shock when she saw Madelyn. She did not expect the person to be Madelyn, who
had been missing for nearly three months.

‘I can’t believe that all this time, she’s been here in this fishing village,’ she thought.

10 minutes later, there still was no sign of Madelyn regaining consciousness.

Alex could not help but say, “Forrest, stop it. She’s… already dead.”

“Get lost! If you don’t have anything nice to say, shut your mouth!”

Forrest had a dark, icy gaze.

Nobody dared to speak. None of them had ever seen him this angry before.

Forrest gave Madelyn a few more mouth-to-mouths.

He said, “Madelyn, you’ve already taken advantage of me. If you don’t fucking wake up, who’ll repay
me? Wake up, Madelyn! Do you hear me?!”

Suddenly, the person on the floor moved.


Madelyn coughed out a few mouthfuls of water. However, she was only momentarily

conscious. She only saw the blurry silhouette of a man and did not manage to clearly see who he was
before she closed her eyes and passed out.

Forrest breathed a sigh of relief and finally no longer felt as tense. Then, he quickly picked up Madelyn

Just then, several black cars drove over and surrounded them, and several bodyguards in black suits
stepped out of the cars.

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