The Rewritten Love: A Second Beginning Max Charming

Chapter 96

Five people got out of the car. Madelyn propped her hands on the ground, staring back at their
nauseating gazes. She backed away in fear.

“What… What do you all want…?”

She continued, “D-Don’t come any closer! If you want money, I’ll give you all of my money.”

Rogan smiled lewdly and slowly walked closer to Madelyn, “Fucking hell. I almost broke my bones
because of you. You’re still trying to run…? Let’s see where you can run to now…”

“This stupid bitch. Why are you wasting our time talking to her? Just bring her to our turf, and the five of
us can have some fun with her!”

“That’s right! I guarantee it’ll take less than three days to get her to submit to us completely. Soon
enough, she’ll serve us and give us a few sons.”

Madelyn stood up with her trembling legs, “Do you realize what you’re doing is illegal?!”

The few men laughed wildly upon hearing her words. They asked in a mocking tone, “Illegal? Why
don’t you take a look around and see where we are?! We’re the law around here.”

“This is madness. You’re a bunch of lunatics…”

‘I can’t let them get their own way. If I get into this car, the tragic events of my past life will happen
again… My cries… My screams… Echoing in the warehouse,’ Madelyn thought.

The image of the few naked men smiling lingered in her mind and haunted her.

‘No… I don’t want this…’ she thought again.

A black sedan parked in a dark spot in the parking lot nearby. In the car, there was a man wearing
Bluetooth earphones as he reported, “Mr. Jardin, the footage has been sent.”

“I’ve seen it.”

“Should we take action now? The group has laid their hands on Ms. Jent.”

“There’s no rush. I’ll go and settle things. Follow them!”

The windshield wipers moved left and right, making a squeaky sound. The display screen in the dimply
lit car showed the footage of a few tall men laying their hands on a young woman.

Zach gazed at the footage and was in deep thought.

‘Madelyn, you were so determined to escape the Jardin family. Do you see the consequences of your
actions now? You need to pay for making the wrong decisions! My princess, the world is dirty. It always
has been this way. Isn’t it better for you to stay inside, pampered and protected? Madelyn Jent, all of
this… is just the beginning!’ he thought.

In the footage, Madelyn’s shirt got torn into pieces during the process of fighting them off. She was
covered in dirt, and all she had left on her was a close-to-see-through bra top.

Madelyn’s eyes were filled with despair. Even though she was clearly no match for them, she continued
to fight back with all she had.

The men toyed with her as if she were a kitten. Madelyn was bruised all over. When she fell onto the
ground, one of the men grabbed her by the head and forcefully shoved her into the


Madelyn felt for a stone near her and hurled it at the man.

The man screamed in pain.

Madelyn took advantage of the men letting their guard down, and quickly got up from the ground. Then,
she ran away.

“Oh shit! The bitch escaped!””

“After her!”

Elsewhere, a group of people took shelter from the rain under the eaves of a house. Jadie had a black
leather jacket wrapped on her head. It was the one Forrest usually wore.

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