The Rewritten Love: A Second Beginning Max Charming

Chapter 93

Back then, all of her money had been handed to her on a silver platter.

It was now that she realized that earning money was not as easy as she had assumed.

The envelope with the cash in it was quite thick.

After calculating her wages, Mr. Massey went out to deliver goods.

Now there was only Wonda and her left in the restaurant.

“The reason I dared to say all those things about you, Wonda, is because I know what sort of person
you are. Who you really are, and what you’ve done. Deep down, you know yourself better than I do. I
just hope that you can truly let your tears and words be without guilt. I know. I have no evidence, and
perhaps I might be wrongly accusing you. If that’s the case, then I apologize in advance.

But if

you did take it and you’re hiding it from me, then you may have struck a jackpot. That purse is a limited-
edition birthday present from my father, worth around three thousand dollars, but it will forever be a
mark on your hideous, thieving character.”

Wonda only let out a mocking laugh. “Madelyn, what the heck are you pretending for? You’re just
slightly prettier than me, and you think yourself some rich person’s daughter? As if I would believe that
purse of yours is actually worth three thousand. Why not just claim that it’s thirty thousand then? If you
really are the daughter of a rich person, why are you here. working part-time jobs?

I’ve seen my share of pretenders before, but none like you!

I wouldn’t take your purse even if you gave it to me! And so what if I did take the purse? You have no
evidence, what can you do to me?”

Wonda was not a good-looking person. Her figure was skinny, and when she put on a scowl her face
looked scheming and insidious. It was this look that was really grating.

When she first came to this place, Madelyn had been nice to her and even gave the latter her skin care
products to use, but Wonda was very greedy and had started to use them without asking her
permission. So, Madelyn just reminded her that she needed to ask her permission. first before using
her things.

After that incident, Wonda had started acting strange toward her, and even started smearing her
reputation by calling her unhygienic and a harlot who spread her legs for multiple men.

Wonda had made her sound like something worse than a beast.

Madelyn was not even angry. She only felt pity and felt that Zach was right when he said that how one
appeared was determined by what was inside them. So, a hateful person must also be a pitiful person,
and a pitiful person must have something detestable.

“I just hope you can keep speaking to me with such a tone and attitude, and I hope you shall never be
wracked by guilt in whatever you do…”

After Madelyn left, she returned to her place to pack her luggage.

Yet, she ran into Rogan, who was barring the way as she went upstairs. “Hey, girl, you’re back. What
are you doing outside?”

“No need. Please step aside!”

“Oh, come on, no need to be so fierce. I haven’t even apologized to you about last night. I’ve made
food already, so come join me and consider it my apology!”

Madelyn did not plan to acknowledge him at all as she prepared to leave from the other side. Yet,
wherever she went, he stopped her…

“Come on, girl. We’re literally neighbors, so just come to my place for dinner.”

Madelyn did not respond. She turned around and prepared to walk downstairs, not wanting to

face off with him.

At this moment, Rogan grabbed her arm. “What are you leaving for? Come follow me home. I’m alone
at home today…”

“Let me go! LET ME GO!!!”

Rogan was a six feet tall hulk of a man, and him grabbing onto Madelyn was as if he was grabbing a
little bunny. To him, her struggling was nothing but mere amusement.

He then dragged Madelyn’s thin body up the staircase toward his house.

“Rogan Paul, what do you think you’re doing?! I’ll scream, you know!”

“You’ll scream…? Ahahaha… Try it then. You can scream your lungs out for all I care. No one will be
saving you today.”

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