The Rewritten Love: A Second Beginning Max Charming

Chapter 90

That man tore Madelyn’s clothes off her chest and her buttons came apart, revealing a white bra inside.

Everyone’s eyes lit up in that instant.

Madelyn covered herself up and bit the back of the hand hard.

The person immediately recoiled in pain and let her free.

Madelyn quickly turned around and fled outside. Under the dim road light, she saw, much to her shock,
Forrest, who was clad in a black T-shirt, with silver chains on his neck and his hands in his jacket
pocket as he walked over with a cigarette in hand.

Jadie and Alex were walking with him.

She did not know why Jadie would be here, but she could not let Jadie see her or know that she was

Forrest was speaking to Jadie with his head down and should not have seen her. So, Madelyn quickly
turned around and fled toward her home.

“Bloody hell, that bitch sure ran away fast.”

Madelyn did not dare stop at all as she hurried home. Leaning against the door, she felt as if her heart
was about to pop out of her chest. She was soaked in sweat and perhaps due to fear, her legs felt
weak, and her entire body trembled.

She slid limp onto the ground, and it took a good while before she eventually calmed down, got up, and
took a bath.

It was midnight, and Madelyn laid in her bed as she woke up in a daze.

She had been dreaming of the time ruffians had bullied her.

Those memories she wanted to forget had come surging back into her mind like a vicious tide. The
images that flashed across her mind were extremely vivid.

The lights in the room were turned off and Madelyn curled up in her bed as she hugged her blanket
tight and breathed heavily.

The incident from before seemed to have reared its head again….

She then turned on her phone which Rosario had smuggled in for her from home.

This was the first time she had turned it on.

Messages after messages soon popped up, all of them from Ethan.

From the past thirteen days, there were at least a hundred messages from him.


Most of them were him asking her what she was doing, where she was, and why she was not replying.

He also shared with her what he was doing on the daily.

Until the last message. [Madelyn, where are you? I’m worried about you…]

[I’m worried…]

Tears suddenly fell from her eyes. She never thought anyone would be worried about her.

To Madelyn, Ethan was just a familiar stranger. Yet, he was worried about her. That made her feel a
trace of warmth she had never felt before.

Madelyn then responded, [I’m tired. Good night.]

Just as she was about to turn off her phone, a string of familiar numbers suddenly popped out. It was a
call from Zach.

Yet, Madelyn did not want to pick up the call.

In Ventropolis, located at the heart of the city, a soft glow emanated from an open study door within a
modest single-story building spanning three hundred square meters.

Seated at the desk, Zach held a stack of printed photographs depicting Madelyn’s recent
circumstances. Each image revealed a different facet of her life. A mixture of surprise and concern
clouded his eyes. Never had he expected Madelyn would manage to survive in a remote fishing village
for so long-

The photographs captured her diligently working at a restaurant, one image showing her serving dishes
while another captured her squatting near the door, engaged in dishwashing duties.

‘Is this really the Madelyn I once knew?’ Zach wondered silently.

A notification popped up on his computer screen, indicating a message received at 12:43 a.m. When
the phone hung up automatically, Zach smiled as he put down the phone. The time was

12:44 a.m.

‘Oh, Madelyn, it seems you have yet to suffer enough,’ he mused to himself. ‘A disobedient child shan’t
have dinner. Why can’t you understand this simple truth? For what are you making yourself go through

all these hardships?’

Lost in contemplation, Zach tapped his finger lightly on the desk’s surface. His attention shifted to the
final photograph in the stack-an image capturing the lewd laughter of men as one of them tore at
Madelyn’s clothes.

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