The Rewritten Love: A Second Beginning Max Charming

Chapter 91

Half a minute later, Zach pulled up another number. “Do me a favor.”

After giving out his orders, Zach gave Madelyn one last call.

He only heard the cold, robotic notification from the phone. “The number you have dialed is no longer in

At three o’clock in the morning, a series of knocks rang out on Madelyn’s door. “Open up! I’m home,
open up!”

Madelyn covered her ears and stare at the dark ceiling above.

She had lost count the number of times Rogan had harassed her in the middle of the night.

There was also the time he had stolen her clothes and underwear as well, and she had found them in
the trash can downstairs the next day.

She had originally thought she could live here in peace, but if this continued, she felt like she would go
crazy sooner or later.

Rogan was the local hoodlum and was the son of Mrs. Paul who lived next door.

Madelyn did not open the door and after a good while, he finally left.

The cacophony by her ear blissfully faded away.

That night, Madelyn did not sleep well at all.

By the time she woke up, it was already twelve in the afternoon.

Madelyn walked to the balcony, stewed some pork ribs, fish fillet and chicken fingers….

She then squeezed the washed clothes dry and hung them on the balcony.

As she held the clothesline in her hand, a window suddenly lit up in one of the houses that had been
long uninhabited.

The buildings here were very close to one another, if the curtains in another house were open, one
could see what was going on from their window.

All of a sudden, the window of the building on the opposite side opened.

And just as quickly, Madelyn saw Forrest standing by the balcony smoking.

Their eyes met.

Madelyn quickly reacted and hurriedly hung the last piece of clothes before walking over to turn the
stove off and close the balcony door before pulling the curtain shut.

She was wearing a light-colored nightdress with nothing else underneath.


Madelyn quickly changed up and brought in the cooked food and started eating.

She did not plan to go to the restaurant today as she did not know when Forrest and Jadie would leave.

She did not want Jadie to see her here. Madelyn wanted to wait for them to leave before she herself
leave this place, moving to Lorville to live with her grandmother.

This place was unsafe and unsuitable for her.

Madelyn suddenly remembered her purse and could not remember where it was.

She had placed it in the pocket of the clothes she had worn yesterday.

Yet, when she went to look for it, it was nowhere to be found.

It was not in the washing machine either.

Only then did Madelyn remember that she might have dropped in the restaurant last night.

She immediately put aside her food.

Without her ID in her purse, she would not be able to buy a ticket to Lorville, but the most. important
thing in the purse to her was a picture of her mother.

Madelyn barely had any time to think as she ran out.

By the time she got to the restaurant, she immediately walked toward Wonda, who was preparing some
vegetables, and asked, “Did you see my purse in the restaurant last night?” Wonda did not even look at
her. “How is you losing your purse any of my business?”

The reason Madelyn decided to keep her purse on herself was because she knew that Wonda had a
tendency to steal things.

Mr. Massey had dedicated lockers in the restaurant for each employee to store their items.

Madelyn had gotten Rosario to bring over her hand cream from her drawer in the Jent residence. It had
been a gift from Jasmine and was a rather precious skin care product, with each bottle costing at least
two hundred dollars.

Two hundred was already a big sum in those days.

One time, she had seen Wonda pretending to go to the bathroom and then secretly rummaging through
Madelyn’s belongings, and she had even used the hand cream.

Despite her despicable actions, Madelyn could not retaliate against her in this situation. Without any
solid evidence, she could not just accuse her like that!

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