The Rewritten Love: A Second Beginning Max Charming

Chapter 88

“Sorry. Please eat. I still have work to do, so excuse me.”

Madelyn was used to being alone and did not believe in so-called friends.

This time when she left, the group of hooligans did not try to stop her anymore.

Madelyn left the room and Mr. Massey walked out wearing an apron as he held a dish in hand.” Lassie,
you’re done eating already? Did they bully you?”


“They may act like that, but those kids aren’t so bad really. They just want to play with you.”

“I know, Mr. Massey. I still have something to do, so I’ll take my leave first.”

“Okay. Remember to come and eat tomorrow, on the house. Just eat as much as you want.”

Madelyn smiled and nodded. “Alright.”

After she left, Madelyn went and bought some personal clothes and a few spare clothes and a few
pairs of shoes as well. She got all of those items at cheap prices.

She was planning to stay here long-term.

In a blink of an eye, Madelyn had already lived here for almost three months. These days, she was
working at Mr. Massey’s restaurant as a waitress. The salary was fifty a day, which was not bad, and
meals were provided as well.

There was little business during the day, and it would be a little busier during supper hours.

It was very tiring at first as her legs protested in soreness. But as time went on, she got


used to

She had never done such a thing before, but it was just cleaning up the tables, so it was not particularly

Those days were a rare taste of freedom and peace for her.

There was no supervision, no comfort, no soft bed, no beautiful clothes…

Madelyn had gradually gotten used to the life of an ordinary person.

Her once fair and tender hands began to develop calluses, and since her hands would be soaked in
water for long periods of time while washing dishes, her skin had also begun to peel

and looked rather hideous.

Rosario did not know that she was working in this restaurant.

That was also because Rosario had not come back for many days now. Madelyn assumed she

must have been busy taking care of Jadie.

That was fine too, Rosario would never have allowed her to do this, so she had to try to save up more
money to plan for the future.

One night, at half past eight in the evening, a batch of diners had already left, and Madelyn cleaned up
the table and carried a tub of bowls to be washed as she walked to the door.

There were a group of shirtless men still seated by the door. All of them looked like they were in their
thirties and drunk, probably having drank three or four crates of beer.

One of them looked at Madelyn with a lustful gaze as he mumbled in a drunken drawl, “Hey, look. That
girl lives right beside me. I heard my mom say that she’s only eighteen, and she got expelled from
school because she tried to sleep with someone. She starts washing clothes at around seven every
morning, and it’s so noisy that I can’t even sleep. But damn, she sure is hot!”

“There’s no way, right? She doesn’t even look like the talkative type, and you’re saying she tried to
sleep with someone?”

Those words were so loud as if they were afraid Madelyn would miss them, but there was no one else
around. She heard every word.

Madelyn, however, had no intention of provoking a bunch of drunks.

“Yeah, Rogan, how do you even know about all this?”

“What’s there not to know? If she really was a good student, why would she be working here instead of

“Eh, just blabbering about it is pointless. How about we get her here and ask her ourselves?”

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