The Rewritten Love: A Second Beginning Max Charming

Chapter 87

‘But it seems like they’re also coming to this restaurant,’ she thought.

As expected, the door to her room was opened in less than a minute, and a group of people walked in.

“Oh?! You’re eating good! How come we never get such special treatment? You’re so biased, you old

“I’m starving. Dustin, get me a set of cutleries and a bowl.”

“Don’t you have hands? Why can’t you take them yourself?”

“Girlie, scooch over, girlie. I can’t get inside.”

Madelyn was speechless. She pulled her chair and made way for him.

Alex sat across from her, but her sitting posture was a little unsightly. She propped her foot onto the
chair and promptly spun the carne frita on Madelyn’s plate toward herself. Then, she started munching
on it.

“The drinks are here,” a skinny guy walked in and closed the door with his leg while carrying a carton of

The once spacious room had quickly became cramped.

“That bastard. He never makes this for me when I ask him to, but now he’s actually made it for you!
You’re really something!”

Suddenly, Alex turned to her.

She continued, “Hey, country bumpkin, you still haven’t told me where you’re from. Are you from out of

One of the men with blonde hair said, “Alex, she’s obviously a goody-two-shoes. Don’t scare her.”

“What, are you feeling bad for her? She’s good-looking and isn’t interested in you, so what’s the use of
speaking up for her? Shut your mouth.”

Madelyn took the water jug and poured herself a glass of water. Then, she took a sip of water and set
down the glass.

“I’m done eating. You all have a good meal.”

Just as she was about to get up, a hand pushed her back down.

“What’s with the rush? We haven’t even started eating. Let’s chat for a little longer.”

Madelyn was not exactly afraid of these people.

‘Are they bad people? They just look like a bunch of hooligans. Real dangerous bad guys don’t act like
them,’ she thought.

They did not scare her. Instead, they made her feel some way that she did not know how to describe; it
was a feeling she had never once experienced.

“What do you guys want to talk about?” she asked.

The two men sitting beside her openly scrutinized her; one was blonde-haired, while the other was
green-haired. One of them even laughed and said, “Alex, she isn’t even the least bit scared of you. You

“Shut up!” Alex had just finished the entire plate of carne frita. She licked her lips in dissatisfaction, “I
won’t argue with you, on account of this good meal today. How does calling me boss and paying a 50-
dollar membership fee to gain my protection on this turf sound? No one will dare to do anything to you
if you shout my name out on the streets.”

Madelyn lifted the glass and smiled slightly, “I don’t have any money.”

“You could write up an ‘IOU’ if you don’t have the money. Call her boss, and you’ll be a part of our
gang,” the blonde-haired man said as he placed his hand on Madelyn’s shoulder.

Madelyn looked at the hand on her shoulder, as she was lost in thought.

‘What would my father say if he saw me hanging out with these hooligans? He’d most likely break this
guy’s hand first and then break all their legs one by one. He’s always been strict and has never allowed
me to hang out with shady people.

I remember the poor dirty stray dog I picked up from the roadside, he beat it to death himself with a golf
club. Then, he even made me learn golf with that very same golf club. He told me it was alright to have
a dog, but the dog had to be of a decent breed. Ever since that dog’s brutal death, I’ve never had any
pets ever again. I know that in his eyes, people are categorized into different classes. I just never
expected it to be the same when it comes to dogs…’

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