The Rewritten Love: A Second Beginning Max Charming

Chapter 80

“You’re trying to negotiate with me now?” Hayson frowned.

Madelyn said angrily, “It’s you who went back against your words. Father… I’m already an adult. Can
you stop deciding everything for me? I’m not your puppet!”

“Talking back now, huh!?” Hayson slammed the cutlery onto the table. “Did I raise you like this, to talk
back to me, huh?! Don’t you dare forget who’s the one supporting you right now! Let’s see you survive
without spending a single penny of mine!”

Madelyn’s brow shuddered. “So, if I don’t stay in this house and if I don’t spend a single penny of yours,
you’ll no longer interfere in my affairs?”

“Hah, feeling tough now huh? The punishment last time wasn’t enough, I see. If you want to die that
much, then I’ll see it done!” Hayson stood up and had already pulled his belt out.

Hayson was a stickler to rules and protocol and this was the first time he had flared up like this against

Jasmine immediately stopped him. “Hayson, what are you doing? Madelyn is just saying words out of
anger. Don’t you worry, I’ll definitely talk sense into her!”

“Madelyn… hurry up and apologize to your father!”

“Why should I apologize? I dare you to beat me to death! What right do you have to order me around
like that!?” Madelyn roared.

“What did you say? I dare you to say that again!” The belt in Hayson’s hand was about to smash down
and he only stopped when Jasmine interposed between them.

Madelyn quickly ran out to shield Madelyn. “Madelyn, you silly girl, all sir does is for your own good.”

“My own good? My own good?! So, everything I’ve done since I was a child needs his approval? What
other father acts like him? If mom was around, she’d never do that to me!”

Hayson walked over and a slap landed with a brutal impact. “Your mother was a bloody whore. I
should’ve killed you right there and then when she gave birth to you! You really think you’re something
now, eh? I dare you to get lost from here and never come back!”

Half of Madelyn’s face was numb and soon the pain assailed her as her face started to swell.” Alright.
You said this yourself…”

“GET LOST!” Hayson yelled.


“Stop right there! No one goes after her! If I find out anyone one of you dares to help her, I’ll kick you
out as well!”

Madelyn was still wearing her pajamas and slippers and had nothing else on her.

The entire hall fell into an awkward atmosphere.

Hayson then sat down in a huff before yelling angrily, “Eat!”

Rosario glanced worriedly at the silhouette that had run out of the door into the distance.

Jasmine put some food into Hayson’s plate as she said, “Hayson, what are you doing arguing with her
so early in the morning? Madelyn’s still young and she doesn’t understand your intentions. She has
nothing on her, where can she go?”

“Zach, go get Madelyn back. What if something happens to her…?”

Before Zach could even speak, Rosario interjected, “Let me do it! Madelyn’s listened to me ever since
she was young. I might be able to persuade her to come back.”

Madelyn ran and then fell asleep at the door; her palms were so scratched it reflected how

much of a mess she was.

“Stand right there!”

“I want to see just how tough she can really be! Without my money, where else can she go? Better still
if she just starves to death outside and never comes back!”

“Sir!” Rosario exclaimed.

“Shut up! Another word from you and you can get lost as well!” Hayson hissed.

The meal finally ended unhappily in silence.

Jadie sat in the car and Zach put on the seatbelt for her.

“Zach, shouldn’t we go look for Madelyn? It’s dangerous for her to be alone out there.”

Zach’s eyes and expression were impassive as he turned the steering wheel and fit the


“The princess has gotten too comfy living in a big house and doesn’t know what dangers lie outside.
Don’t worry, I know her… She’ll come back.”

‘How many times has Madelyn ran away from home now?’

‘She still ends up coming back obediently every single time. If she wasn’t a member of the Jent family,
her life would be worth nothing.’

He wanted to see how long Madelyn, who had nothing, would last this time after leaving the Jent

Three minutes?

Or three hours?

A sarcastic smirk appeared on Zach’s face.

‘Madelyn, you’d better not disappoint me!’

Zach did not see Madelyn as he drove toward the Jent residence.

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