The Rewritten Love: A Second Beginning Max Charming

Chapter 78

Not long after Zach left, Jasmine brought in some pastries. She took a look at Madelyn’s wounds and
said some words of concern before leaving.

Even after taking the painkillers, Madelyn was still in pain and still could not sleep at night.

She was woken up by a nightmare in the middle of the night. She was sweating profusely and since
she was unable to move or turn around, her drowsiness was soon lost.

With the passing of time, her chest started to hurt badly, so she used a pillow to cushion it.

She was only eighteen, and her chest growing too big was not a good thing.

When she looked at the time, it was only half past three.

Madelyn woke up to go to the bathroom and unbuttoned her pajamas. As she looked at the
crisscrossing wounds on her body, it was much better than before aside from a few spots that were still
swollen red.

She was sweating so much and with the summer heat, her entire body was sticky, so she took a simple
bath, making sure to avoid getting her wounds wet.

After changing into another set of pajamas, she walked to the balcony to get some cold air.

There were only a few stars out that night and the moon was particularly bright.

The lights on the third floor of the villa opposite were turned off, and Madelyn felt that she had not seen
him for a long time now.

It was just used to be a vague silhouette.

She had no idea where he had gone.

She just hoped that he would not do something stupid again.

In the SereneCare Hospital, the operation had been completed after going on for six hours straight.

Ethan was still under anesthesia and was still in a coma, his legs bandaged with gauze.

“Doctor, how is the young master doing?” George asked.

The primary doctor said, “Based on his current condition, the operation has been very successful, but
we cannot discount any outlying post-operation risks, so we need to keep him in the hospital for a while
for some further observation.”

“Then…how long will he need to recover?”

“It’ll be based on the patient’s physical condition. It may take three, five, or even ten years for it to fully
heal. With that lengthy recovery time, I would not discount the possibility of any


sequela. After all, considering how long the delay in treatment has been, a successful operation is
already a miracle in itself.”

“Thank you, doctor!”

“Don’t mention it. Just doing my job.”

George quickly made a phone call.

The call quickly connected.

“Ma’am, young master’s operation is a success.”

“Alright, take care of him in the hospital. I’ll visit after the banquet tomorrow. Remember to

give him whatever he wants, and make sure he doesn’t lose his temper if at all possible.”

“Yes, ma’am!”

After getting his orders, George hung up the call.

After returning to the VIP ward, the person in the ward had awakened as Ethan, dressed in hospital
garb, placed his hand on his chest, as if he had just woken up.

“You’re awake, young master? Do you feel any discomfort?”

Ethan said with a low and weak voice. “I’m fine. You can go back. Thank you.”

“Rest well, young master. I’ll come visit again tomorrow.”


After he left, Ethan grabbed his mobile phone from under the pillow.

He then opened up his contacts.

Their chat log was still at the same stage last week.

He thought that she would be asleep by now and back then, he would not have disturbed her at this
hour. But now… Ethan could not help but send her a message.

[What’s up…?]

Madelyn, who was lying on the chair and had almost fallen asleep was immediately woken up by the
sudden notification sound.

She picked up her phone and squinted as she looked at the message and to her surprise, it was from

She then subconsciously looked at the villa opposite her.

She then replied. [Dreaming]

As she sent the message, Madelyn asked, (You’re not at home today?]

Ethan responded. [Yeah, I’m at the hospital for something. Why aren’t you asleep yet?]

[I can’t sleep, so I’m just sitting on the chair for a while. Why are you in the hospital? Feeling unwell?]

[It’s nothing. Just an ordinary cold.]

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