The Rewritten Love: A Second Beginning Max Charming

Chapter 76

Madelyn knelt on the cold white ceramic title as the floor glimmered. She looked at the scratching scar
on her face and gently stroked her hand over it, feeling a tingling sting.

The study was awash with the smell of sandalwood and her nose felt a little uncomfortable.

At this moment, she heard the sound of approaching footsteps and she immediately knelt straight up
and clutched her clothes tightly. She knew what was coming for her next.

Soon, the door was opened as Hayson walked in with Zach and Jadie following behind.

“Do you know what you’ve done wrong today?” Hayson walked past Madelyn and lit candle in prayer.


Madelyn lowered her head as Zach’s silhouette enveloped her by the corner of the atmosphere in the
study was oppressive and made her breathless.



She said meekly. “I shouldn’t quarrel with my classmates.”

Hayson took the cane down from the wall and walked toward Madelyn as he faced the cane

toward her.

Madelyn was trembling in fear and as she heard Hayson’s voice from above. “Nine million from the
three agreements, and including my own money, thirteen million. Do you think I should use discipline

on you or not, Madelyn?”

Jadie, who was standing behind Zach, was so terrified that she took a few steps behind him.

“Yes, everything’s my fault. I was unable to control my emotions; I shouldn’t have caused trouble like
thar. You’re right to discipline me, Father!”

“Turn around.”

Madelyn shifted around. There was no one to save her now. ‘Zach?’

She had never counted on him to help her.

Hayson raised the cane up high and swung down with a powerful stroke. The first strike sent a general
numbness across Madelyn’s back. She could not feel the pain at first, but when the second strike
landed, she could feel the skin of her back tearing apart, then came the third,


Madelyn held on and did not cry in pain, nor did she allowed a tear to be shed…

She had already long shed all of those worthless tears away.

By the twenty-third stroke, Madelyn could no longer feel any pain.

Thirteen million…

This amount of money was worth more than a person’s life in Hayson’s eyes. She had seen his will and
all of the inheritances were to be given to Zach.

Forty-two strokes and Madelyn’s back showed several blood marks as she laid on the ground and
fainted from the pain. Yet, the very same pain woke her up again.

Jadie held tightly onto Zach’s hand, lowering her head and not daring to look.

At this very moment, Hayson’s phone on the table rang as his raised hand stopped. Zach brought the
phone over for Hayson to answer, and he looked at the phone number before answering the call by

It was an unknown number. He then pressed to answer. “Hello? Who’s on the line?”

“The Arnold Corporation…”

“Yes, I’ll definitely make it to the appointment on time.”

Hayson gave Madelyn, who was on the ground, a conflicted look. “That’s enough for now. Go back.
Remember to watch your mouth, and remember what you should and shouldn’t say… If I ever learn of
you speaking about this to others, I’ll make sure you won’t be able to speak for the rest of your life.”

Madelyn placed her hand on the ground as she got up with much difficulty before turning around. “Yes,

The words she shouldn’t speak were obviously those words that would give others leverage over him.

It was because Madelyn blurted out those words in a fit of anger.

She too had considered the consequences and forty-plus strokes were already her limit.

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