The Rewritten Love: A Second Beginning Max Charming

Chapter 75

“Yes, sir…”

Kevin did not hang up the call, putting the phone directly into his pocket.

On the other end of the call, Zach walked to the kitchen and poured himself a glass of water. Just as he
was about to hang up, the sound of Madelyn crying suddenly came from the phone.

‘So, there was another man besides her…’ he mused.

“No one will bully you anymore… Stop crying…”

Ethan’s embrace was warm.

And her heart too, became to warm up as well.

He was the first person to speak such comforting words to her.

Zach would never comfort her in her times of sorrow and would only complain that her crying upset
him. He would always tell her to go somewhere else if she wanted to cry.

“Can I lean on you for a bit?”

Madelyn’s voice trembled.

Ethan smiled a little as he opened his arms to her. “Any time, any day. It’d be my pleasure.”

So, when Kevin walked in, he saw Madelyn crying in another man’s arms.

This left him stunned and confused. He was at a loss for what to do in such an awkward situation.

On his end, Zach’s expression darkened as he listened to Madelyn crying.

Ointment was applied onto her face and the medicine bag, which Ethan had bought, was still

in her hands.

They had only met for the third time, and she was already hugging him and crying in his arms. She
even soaked his shirt, and even more embarrassingly, her snot was on it too.

Aside from this, Madelyn also knew that she would not escape a beating this time, so…

She decided to have Kevin drive her around a bit.

Once she was in the car, she asked, “Do you think my father knows about this?”

Kevin looked at the person behind him and nodded. “You can tell him directly if you feel aggrieved. On
the surface, he might not seem to care, but he’ll definitely help you deal with this in secret.”

Madelyn sat in the car as she looked at the sea view. They were now at the border between

Ventropolis and Brightpearl.

The painting in her room was of this exact scene. It had been painted by her mother.

“… Let’s not add on to his troubles. He’s already so busy.”

“Kevin, when we get home later, can you just help to restrain Father a little…?” Madelyn bit her lips.

Kevin gritted his teeth and sighed. “I’ll do my best.”

“Sigh… forget it… Whatever happens, happens. It’s all because of me anyway. Kevin… let’s go back.”


Along the way, Madelyn saw an ice cream truck and she got Kevin to stop and get two ice

cream cones.

She gave him the blueberry flavored one while she kept the strawberry for herself…

She was a girl after all, so it was no loss if she got something nice to eat before she got punished.

By the time they returned to the Southern Haven Villas, it was already dark.

She had asked for a day off from cram school today.

After entering the door, Madelyn held her bag and instantly caught whiff of the scent of smoldering
cinders the moment she stepped in.

Everyone else was seated on the dining table.

Madelyn then entered, hiding behind Kevin.

Seeing this standoff, Kevin had goosebumps all over. “Mr. Jent, sir, the matter is settled. Ms. Jent
knows that she’s in the wrong and has apologized to all of the madams.”

Hayson looked at Madelyn through Kevin and said, “Thanks for the trouble. You may go back.”

“Will do, Mr. Jent.” As he turned to leave, Kevin gave Madelyn a wink, as if to say, ‘Prepare yourself’.

Hayson did not even bother to look at her as he picked up his cutlery and started eating. “Go down to
the study and kneel on the ground.”

Madelyn looked down. “Yes, Father.”

Rosario gave Madelyn a worried look. It was beyond her ability to help Madelyn this time.

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