The Rewritten Love: A Second Beginning Max Charming

Chapter 77

Madelyn walked out of the study and Rosario, who was waiting outside, immediately walked over when
she saw someone came out from the room. “Madelyn… How are you holding up?”

Madelyn’s face was rather pale. “I… I’m fine. Don’t worry about me, Rosario. Do you still have any
painkillers?” Her voice was getting weaker and weaker, and as the last words left her mouth, Madelyn
fainted altogether.

Jasmine, who was hiding in a corner, saw this scene, and when she saw Madelyn faint, she did

not step forward but instead turned and went downstairs.

She saw the wounds on Madelyn’s back. ‘Isn’t she his own daughter?’

‘Why did he beat her like that?”

By the time Madelyn woke up the next day, it was already noon.

She was lying flat on her stomach, and she could feel a chill on her back. When she saw her back
exposed, Madelyn immediately pulled the blanket over herself, but it was quickly pulled away by
someone else.

“Don’t move. Unless you want me to reapply the ointment.”

Madelyn felt something was wrong as she looked down at her chest. Instead of listening to him, she
shrunk into a ball fearfully as she covered herself up with the blanket and sat up. This is my room! Who
allowed you to come in here!?”

This was the first time she had spoken to him with such a furious tone.

Zach was holding a tube of ointment and there was still some ointment left on his hand. What, you’re
not calling me brother anymore?”

“Zach, I’m your little sister! And I’m naked now! How can you do this!”

‘He must’ve seen it! He must’ve seen it!’

The clock on the wall showed it was twelve noon and Rosario would go to the market to sell vegetables
at this hour while Hayson would most likely be out socializing or on a business trip. It was not the
weekend today and no one was at home, so that was why he dared to do as he pleased!

“Madelyn, is this how you speak to me now?”

She immediately retorted out of reflex. “So what? I’m no longer a little girl, so please, can you NOT
enter my room just as you like?”

Zach frowned with displeasure, his eyes cold. He gave Madelyn a glance before turning around and
leaving the room.

Just as he stepped out, he closed the door.

Madelyn immediately grabbed the pajamas beside her and put it on.

‘What right does he have to be so brazen? Isn’t he supposed to be a one-woman man?’ Doesn’t he
only have Jadie in his eyes? Why did he needed to take off my clothes and break into my room again
under the guise of applying the ointment?’

Who knew what sort of things he could have done while she was asleep!

Zach was walking downstairs just as Rosario came back. “Mr. Jardin? Did you just come out from
Madelyn’s room?”

Zach gave out a cold, distant aura, his face icy as he went downstairs without even paying her any
regard. Rosario seemed to have noticed something as she hurried over and opened the


The person inside suffered another shock as she thought Zach was back again.

When she saw it was Rosario, Madelyn was instantly relieved.

“Madelyn, did Mr. Jardin come in earlier? He didn’t see anything, right?”

Madelyn was puzzled. “What’s the matter, Rosario?”

Rosario then replied, “Before I left for the market, I applied the ointment on your back and took your
clothes of. I thought no one would come so I didn’t put it back on. Mr. Jardin didn’t see anything, right?

“Mr. Jardin ‘s face looked rather grim when he was coming downstairs. Did you say anything to him?”

Madelyn thought to herself, ‘What?! It seems like there’s been a serious misunderstanding!’

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