The Rewritten Love: A Second Beginning Max Charming

Chapter 72

“I thought someone else would be here. Where’s Hayson Jent, Kevin? His daughter beat my daughter
up, and you’re the one who showed up? Are we unworthy of him coming down here in person?”

“It’s not like that, Madam. I was asked to come and solve the issue. I would like to apologize on behalf
of Ms. Jent’s behavior. Mr. Jent said we would try our best to compensate for everything that had

Kevin noticed that Madelyn had a severe bloody scratch on her face and messy hair. However, the
three other girls were not in any better condition.

Zach usually showed up when Madelyn got into trouble, but this time, Kevin was the one who came.
‘He must be with Jadie right now,’ thought Madelyn. ‘She got hurt, after all. Zach must be heartbroken.’

“Compensate? How? With money? And you said Hayson cared about what happened? Hah. Jent
Corporation is a shitty company. Tell Mr. Jent that if he doesn’t come over right now and apologize to
me while kneeling on the ground, I’ll tell my husband to call off the deal between our companies. I recall
having Jent Corporation take on one of our projects, but I assure you, anyone can do it.” Michelle’s
mother sneered.

“Please calm down, Mrs. Linney. Ms. Linney and Ms. Jent are still kids. It’s normal for friends to fight
with each other. I don’t think we should let this affect our business relationship and disrupt the
harmonious bond between the two companies,” said Kevin.

The woman slammed her hand on the table and said, “I’m telling you right now that there’s no
harmonious bond anymore. Call Hayson and have him come down here!”

“No one wants to befriend a dirty, uneducated person like her! Jent Corporation is literally run by a
bumpkin! Who the hell do you think you are, Madelyn? How dare you hit me? Didn’t your father teach
you not to pick fights? I’ll never forgive you, even if you bow down to me and apologize. And you.
You’re just the Jent family’s lackey. Who are you to speak to us like that?” Michelle added.

Kevin pushed his glasses up with his finger and said, “Please watch your language, Ms. Linney.

Michelle smiled disdainfully. “What? Am I wrong? You’re just a mutt in the Jent family!”

Just as she said those words, everyone saw a shoe fly across the room and hit Michelle directly

in the face.



“Madelyn Jent!”

Everything started to get out of control again.

Kevin stared blankly ahead as someone yanked down his shoulder. Madelyn had found a golf club out
of nowhere and walked up to him while missing one of her shoes.

Michelle wanted to go up to her and fight back, but she got scared after seeing Madelyn holding the
golf club.

Madelyn pointed the club at her with her red lips slightly curved upward. “You claim to be the young
lady of a powerful family, yet the words that come out of your mouth are so foul. Do you have no
shame?” she said.

Several teachers who were there to keep the situation calm were stunned when they heard. what
Madelyn said. It took them a while to react. “What are you doing, Ms. Jent? This is a school. We have
rules here. How dare you do something like that in front of us. Are you trying to get yourself expelled?”
One of the teachers immediately said.

Madelyn decided to go all out now that the matter had come to this. Though, beneath her strong
appearance was a timid little girl. Her legs were trembling under her skirt.

Mrs. Linney grabbed the golf club in Madelyn’s hand, stepped forward, and slapped her in the face.
“That’s for hitting my daughter. What makes you think a lowly thing like you can even think of touching

Madelyn stumbled to the side with half of her face red and swollen. The slap sounded heavy. Kevin had
wanted to block the blow, but it was too late.

The young lady of the Jent family covered half her face with her hand. It was numb. “So what if I’m a
dirty low life? If I remember correctly, Mrs. Linney, you hit someone when you were drunk driving,
causing him to be paralyzed in the lower body. And a five-year-old died because of you. Do you
remember that?” she said in a cold voice.

Mrs. Linney’s expression changed drastically upon hearing that. Her expression turned as pale as a

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