The Rewritten Love: A Second Beginning Max Charming

Chapter 64

Ventropolis High School turned out to be less rigid in its rules than Jadie had initially anticipated. While
the school permitted students to bring snacks, consuming them inside the classrooms was strictly

Jadie had no idea who had left those snacks, so she didn’t know whom to return them to.
Consequently, she would either distribute them among her classmates or bring them back to her dorm
room to share with her roommates.

Jadie possessed an amiable nature, perpetually adorned with a smile, and she excelled in her
academic pursuits. Despite being a recent transfer student, she had managed to keep up with the
knowledge she had acquired during her time studying abroad. In fact, she had achieved the

top rank in her class and the second position among all students in her grade on the most.

recent test.

Whenever Jadie’s classmates sought her assistance with their studies, Jadie would patiently lend a
helping hand, readily showcasing her notes and study materials. Her peers regarded her as their
favorite classmate, while the teachers held her in high esteem as an exemplary student.

As the evening study session drew to a close, the clock already displaying nine forty, Jadie began
organizing her desk. She turned to her friend Claire and suggested, “Hey, Claire, I need to use the
restroom. Would you like to come with me?”

“Sure, I’ll come with you,” Claire readily agreed, gently taking hold of Jadie’s hand.

The hour grew late, and most of the students had already left the school. The corridor was equipped
with motion sensor lights that automatically illuminated the path as someone

walked by.

When they were about to reach the restroom, Claire said, “I’ll wait for you outside.”

“Thank you,” Jadie replied.

Jadie hadn’t been in the restroom for long when Claire noticed a group of girls approaching from the
opposite end of the hallway. Among them, Claire recognized the girl with a tall ponytail who led the
group. It was Linsay Fawley, renowned as the leader of an athletic girl group within their school. Linsay
was particularly acclaimed for her volleyball prowess and received specialized training owing to her
height advantage.

Claire couldn’t help but wonder about the purpose behind the girls’ presence. She knew that these
athletic students, apart from attending a few classes, dedicated the majority of their time to rigorous
training. As she watched them approach with an intimidating demeanor, she had a bad feeling.

Linsay, towering over Claire with her height of 1.76 meters, strode forward and fixed her gaze
downward, addressing Claire with a condescending tone. “Shorty, where’s Jadie White?”

“I-I-I don’t know,” Claire stammered, caught off guard by Linsay’s intimidating presence. Sensing
Linsay’s hostile intentions toward Jadie, Claire made the decision not to divulge her friend’s

“Don’t know? I saw her come in with you!” Linsay bellowed.

Just then, the sound of a toilet flushing echoed through the restroom.

“Claire, I’m done… Do you happen to have any sanitary pads? I think I need…” Jadie emerged from
one of the stalls, immediately spotting the group of girls outside, their expressions rife with hostility.
“Wh-Wh-Who are you?” she questioned, her voice trembling with unease.

“So, you’re the new transfer student, the one who’s trying to snatch Forrest away?” Linsay sneered,
critically assessing Jadie’s appearance. “You do have some looks; I’ll give you that. I heard Forrest took
you for a ride on his motorcycle. You may not look like a promiscuous girl, but you certainly know how
to work your charm on a guy!”

Jadie watched as Linsay approached, instinctively taking a step back. “Wh-What do you want from
me?” she stammered.

“You’ll find out soon enough!” Linsay retorted, closing the distance between them. At that moment,
Claire sprang into action, swiftly wrapping her arms around Linsay’s waist. “Jadie, run… run away!” she
urged, her voice filled with determination.

Jadie turned to flee, but her path was blocked by another group of girls, leaving her trapped.

With little effort, Linsay shoved Claire aside. “I was going to go easy on you, but now… none of you are
getting away,” she declared, her tone dripping with malice.

Jadie and Claire were forcefully dragged into the restroom by several tall and imposing girls.

Fifteen minutes later, Linsay gripped a handful of Jadie’s hair, forcing her to lift her head. Retrieving her
phone, Linsay callously snapped a few pictures of Jadie’s injured, yet still striking, face. Additionally,
she saved several more humiliating images of Jadie on her device.

Once the ordeal came to an end, Jadie swiftly checked on Claire’s well-being. “Claire… are you. okay?
Wake up, Claire, you’re alright!” Her voice brimmed with concern.

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