The Rewritten Love: A Second Beginning Max Charming

Chapter 65

Claire lay unconscious, completely unresponsive despite Jadie’s desperate attempts to wake


With a satisfied smirk, Linsay sent one of the photos to a contact on her phone and swiftly departed.
Casting a disdainful glance at Claire, she exchanged knowing looks with a girl standing nearby. Acting
without delay, the other girl fetched a basin of cold water and poured it over Claire, causing her to jolt
awake in an instant. Shivering from the icy shock and coughing repeatedly, Claire struggled to regain
her bearings.

Linsay gazed down at Jadie, taking in the sight of her disheveled clothes and scratched face. With an
air of superiority, she said, “Jadie White, don’t blame us. If anyone should be blamed, it’s the one who
said things they shouldn’t have and did things they shouldn’t have. But your biggest mistake was trying
to seduce Forrest! He happens to be my friend’s crush. If you dare to mess around with him again or
flirt with his friends, don’t come crying to me if one day I unintentionally expose these intriguing photos
from my phone.” She shook her phone. boastfully, emphasizing her warning.

Jadie had just been insulted and exposed in a compromising position, and these girls had captured it
all on camera. The thought of those photos being leaked online was enough to crush Jadie’s spirit and
leave her questioning the will to live.

As Linsay and her gang prepared to depart, she suddenly halted at the doorway, turning her attention
back to Jadie. “Oh, I almost forgot. My friend wanted me to deliver a message to you, “she sneered.
“She said, ‘We may not be able to touch Madelyn Jent, but if she does anything to anger us, we’ll
unleash our frustrations on you… You’ll bear the consequences of what she should have faced. And
don’t even think about involving the police or telling the teachers… It won’t do you any good!””

Jadie stared at Linsay’s sinister countenance, her eyes reflecting inner turmoil. Thoughts raced through
her mind, ‘M-Madelyn… Could it be that the so-called friend she mentioned is someone from
Ventrocloud High School?”

Meanwhile, Claire clung to Jadie, tears streaming down her face, consumed by fear. “Jadie, what are
we going to do? If my parents come across those photos, they’ll think I’ve caused trouble at school,
and they’ll surely punish me.”

Jadie straightened her clothes and embraced Claire tightly, offering solace. “It’s alright, it’s alright. Don’t
be afraid… I’ll find a solution. I-I’m sorry… It’s my fault for getting you involved!

Amidst her tears, Claire’s voice quivered as she spoke, “W-W-We’re good friends. It’s my duty to
protect you… But… Jadie, I’m really scared.”

“Don’t be scared… I’m here,” Jadie reassured her, her words carrying the utmost gentleness. However,
hidden beneath her calm gaze, there lay a faint trace of resentment, directed at the


white tiled wall before her.

Unaware of the resentment lurking in Jadie’s eyes, Claire wiped her tears and listened attentively.

Jadie continued, her voice soothing, “Alright, stop crying. Let me help you up. We’ll return to the
dormitory and get some rest. Tomorrow, I’ll find a solution.”

Nodding amidst her tears, Claire replied, “Okay.” Aside from the two handprints on her face, she didn’t
seem to have any major injuries elsewhere.

Jadie, on the other hand, bore more severe wounds. Numerous scratches marred her face, with blood
trickling from a torn eyelid.

As Jadie supported Claire to her feet, a sudden, intense pain seared through her lower abdomen. Her
grip weakened, and she crumpled to the ground, clutching her stomach in agony.

Claire noticed Jadie’s distress. Ignoring her own throbbing headache, she hurriedly checked on Jadie.
“Ja-Jadie… What’s happening? Don’t scare me like this. Are you feeling unwell?”

Jadie was in too much pain to utter a single word. It took a while for a pool of crimson blood to seep
through her thin summer school pants.

Claire’s eyes widened in an instant. “Y-Y-You’re bleeding? Jadie! You’re bleeding? What should we

Just then, a teacher, holding a flashlight, heard the commotion and hurried over. “What’s going on? Are
you still in the restroom? What class and grade are you from?”

Hearing the teacher’s voice and seeing the beam of light in the hallway, Claire felt a glimmer. of hope.
“Please wait here, I’ll go find a teacher right away. Just hold on…”

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