The Rewritten Love: A Second Beginning Max Charming

Chapter 71

Zach’s phone started to vibrate in the quiet wardroom. He took the device out of his pocket and saw
that it was Hayson. He then went out of the room to answer the call. “Father…” “Madelyn got into
trouble at school. Go see what’s going on!” Hayson sounded a little angry. “Madelyn? Okay… Got it.”
Zach’s tone was soft, but his face was solemn. After Hayson hung up the phone, Zach realized he
couldn’t leave Jadie alone at the hospital, so he called Kevin.

“Mr. Jardin,” said Kevin as soon as he picked up.

“How much longer until you’re done with work?” Zach asked.

“The meeting just ended,” Kevin replied.

“Go to Ventrocloud High School right this instant.”

“Did Ms. Jent get into trouble again?”

“Bring her back to the apartment once you’ve sorted everything out.”

“Alright, Mr. Jardin.”

“This is not the first time Ms. Jent has gotten into a mess, but she’s really being very inconsiderate
here. Why would she cause trouble in school this time? Especially with the daughters of three big
companies’ CEOS. We haven’t even finalized the contracts with these companies yet, and it seems like
we will never be able to do that now. She got into a fight with the daughter of another company’s CEO
the other day because of a dress, and a multi-million- dollar deal was called off as a result. When will
Ms. Jent stop worrying Mr. Jent and Mr. Jardin? Mr. Jardin always has to help clean up her mess.’

As Kevin thought about it, he quickly rushed to Ventrocloud High School. He found the conference
room next to the principal’s office with ease. The door to the room was made of transparent glass,
allowing Kevin to see what was going on inside. However, the room was soundproof, so he could not
hear what they were saying.

Kevin had not expected to see such an exciting scene as soon as he entered the room. Madelyn had
climbed onto the conference table and was pulling another girl’s hair. Kevin took a deep breath of cold
air and thought, ‘How much effort will Mr. Jardin have to put in this time to appease the other party’s

‘If Mr. Jent had come down here personally and saw this, Ms. Jent would be dead.”

Suddenly, the elevator door opened to reveal a teenager sitting in wheelchair. He pushed his way out of
the elevator as several men in black suits carrying briefcases followed him into the principal’s office.
Kevin took a quick glance and realized that the person looked somewhat familiar.

Half of Madelyn’s face was swollen at that time, but she still had a fierce gaze in her eyes. Though, it
did not seem to add to her case. “Say it! Say it again and you’d best believe I’ll go over and hit you!”

Michelle cried and hugged the lady next to her, saying, “Mom, look at her! Look at my face, my hair…
Look at what she’s done! Do something, Mom. Please… You must do something. about her!”

Kevin pushed the door open and entered the conference room. There were around seven or eight
people trying to hold Madelyn back. She was acting like a lunatic at that point.

“Excuse me, everyone,” Kevin said out loud.

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