The Rewritten Love: A Second Beginning Max Charming

Chapter 66

In the infirmary of Ventropolis High School, the doctor reassured everyone, “Fortunately, it’s nothing
serious. Her menses came. She’s perfectly fine. There’s no major health issue, but she does have
some injuries on her face…” The doctor glanced at the teacher on duty.

The teacher stood up and reassured the doctor, “You can go back now, Dr. Cavil. I’ll take care

of them.”

“Alright, Mr. Wahey. I’ll head back then. I’ve already prescribed the medication; it’s on the table. Don’t
forget to take it with you,” Dr. Cavil replied.

Today, the teacher on duty was Richard Wahey, the head of the Character Education Department. He
was a middle-aged man in his forties, with a protruding belly and glasses. At first glance, he seemed
honest. He had carried Jadie on his back all the way to the medical office, leaving bloodstains on the
back of his shirt.

The first day of Jadie’s period could be quite uncomfortable. She usually carried painkillers with her, but
that day, they were still in her backpack, and she hadn’t had a chance to take

them out.

Richard couldn’t tear his eyes away from Jadie, who kept her gaze fixed downward, clutching a cup of
warm water in her hands, lost in her thoughts.

The condition on Claire’s face had shown significant improvement after the application of the
medication, but she wore a deep expression of concern as she looked at Jadie. “Jadie, do you feel any
better? It’s all my fault that you got hurt. I couldn’t protect you.”

Jadie’s voice was barely audible as she responded, “It’s not your fault. It was my own mistake that put
you in this situation.”

Glancing at his watch, Richard noted, “It’s almost eleven now. You should go back and rest. Tomorrow,
I’ll inform your homeroom teacher about what happened.” He walked over to Jadie’s resting bed and
crouched halfway down. “Jadie, let me carry you back to the dorm.”

Jadie tightly clutched her water cup and reassured, “Don’t worry, Mr. Wahey. I’m feeling much better
now. I can walk by myself.”

Richard insisted, “I can’t let you do that. I’m worried! If you think it’s inconvenient for me to carry you, I
can hold you instead.” He extended his lecherous hand to Jadie.

Jadie’s tone suddenly turned cold. She repeated, “Mr. Wahey, I said I can walk by myself!”

Jadie’s reaction caught Claire off guard, freezing her for a moment. This wasn’t the Jadie she knew;
she seemed like an entirely different person.

However, in a fleeting moment, Jadie’s tone softened, and a faint smile graced her lips as she said,
“Claire, could you lend me a hand, please?” It was as if what Claire had just seen had been

a mere illusion.

Claire hesitated briefly before quickly responding, “Ah… sure…”

Jadie tossed aside the blanket, emerged from the bed, and slipped on her shoes. Richard, on the other
hand, cleared his throat, feeling awkward…

As they made their way past the classrooms on their path out of the infirmary, Claire headed upstairs to
retrieve Jadie’s painkillers. Richard promptly notified the dorm staff, and they swiftly opened the door to
their dormitory for them to enter.

As Jadie and Claire entered their dormitory room, they discovered the lights had already been switched
off. The room was shared among six students, with two of them peacefully asleep and two others
engrossed in their studies, so there was a faint glow to emanate from their beds.

The two awake dorm mates promptly illuminated the room with the help of a small desk lamp. “Where
were you

two?” Sheena exclaimed, visibly surprised. “Oh my gosh, Jadie, what happened to your face?”

Jadie made her way to the wardrobe, in search of her nightgown. At that moment, she noticed that the
skincare product Zach had given her was only half full. It was a bottle of Lancome serum he had
brought back from his recent business trip to France, Jadie rarely used it, even though its price wasn’t
too steep for her…

Without uttering a word, Jadie simply cast a fleeting glance at the bottle. As she continued rummaging
through the wardrobe, she soon realized that her favorite nightgown was nowhere to be found.

Sheena spoke up, “Jadie, I completely forgot to mention earlier. When I came back to the room. today,
the lights were already off, just as I was about to take a shower. It was so dark that I mistakenly
grabbed your nightgown instead of mine. I’m really sorry about that. And as for your skincare product,
Yasmin and the girls used it. It’s been working miracles for us. Since we started using it, our skin hasn’t
had any breakouts. I hope you don’t mind.”

Claire voiced her discontent, “You girls have gone too far. Jadie already shares snacks with you, which
is already quite generous. But using her belongings without her permission? That’s not right!”

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