The Rewritten Love: A Second Beginning Max Charming

Chapter 53

Madelyn finally recognized the tattoo on Forrest’s hand. ‘He was that guy… the guy who jumped off the
building because of Zach… That guy was actually Forrest Arnold!”

A car accident had sent Forrest plunging off a cliff during his tenure as the head of Arnold Corporation.
His body was never found, so everyone believed he had died in that crash. As a result, the Arnold
family appointed a new person, a woman, to take over the company. But their good fortune was short-

Two years after Forrest’s incident, there was a massive explosion at the Arnold residence, and not a
single member of the Arnold family survived. Arnold Corporation was then acquired by an unknown

Madelyn couldn’t quite recall the name of that man. He remained an enigmatic figure, concealing his
real identity from the world. Zach had mentioned his facial burns, which led him to constantly wear a
mask. However, what stood out in Madelyn’s memory was the unmistakable blue tattoo adorning his
hand. She also remembered his explosive temper, wreaking havoc on any woman who caught his
attention, subjecting them to a night of terror and danger. The resemblance between that tattoo and the
one now on Forrest Arnold’s hand was uncanny.

‘If Forrest didn’t die in that car accident years ago, where did he get the billions of dollars to acquire
Arnold Corporation?’ The question lingered in Madelyn’s mind, casting doubt on the events that

As she delved deeper into her memories, another doubt emerged. ‘The Arnold family held the
economic power over Ventropolis. How did Zach manage to completely consume Arnold Corporation
without leaving a trace?’

Madelyn carefully pieced together the fragmented memories from her past life, attempting to make
sense of the puzzle before her.

She remembered that after Zach took control of Jent Corporation, it took only six months before he
reached a collaboration agreement with the newly appointed CEO of Arnold Corporation, who was
none other than Forrest, the person who disappeared after the car accident and returned under a new

At that time, Zach did indeed take a significant amount of funds from Jent Corporation. Shareholders
were on the verge of outrage, as the company’s contracts were riddled with financial loopholes. One
wrong move, and Jent Corporation could have collapsed and gone bankrupt. However, Zach remained
calm and composed, mingling with ease at business events.

It was likely during that time that Zach gave all of Jent Corporation’s funds to Forrest to acquire Arnold
Corporation. Once Forrest gained control of the company, he signed a collaboration agreement with
Zach. So, Madelyn figured Zach and Forrest had known each other long before she was aware of it.

Madelyn thought to herself, ‘If Zach had the money to acquire Arnold Corporation, why didn’t he do it
himself instead of using Forrest? Unless there’s something more to this that I don’t know!!

At that time, Forrest never anticipated Zach’s grand ambitions. Within a span of just six months, Zach
meticulously infiltrated every aspect of Arnold Corporation. Employing the same manipulative tactics he
had employed against the Jent family, Zach targeted Forrest. Overnight, Arnold Corporation underwent
a name change. Before Forrest could comprehend the situation, he found himself burdened with
overwhelming debts amounting to billions.

Madelyn vividly recalled the sight of Forrest standing on the rooftop. The despair radiated from him. He
grasped Madelyn by the neck, his voice laden with threat as he addressed Zach, Zach Jardin, I
acknowledge my defeat to you! But… your wife shall perish alongside me!”

The rooftop had indeed been surrounded by police, and a crowd of onlookers gathered, and Cecilia
Samford was one of them. Madelyn, trembling with fear and tears streaming down her face, pleaded
desperately with Zach to save her. But the memory of Zach’s heartless words. remained etched in her
mind. He callously remarked, “Well, she’s pregnant! If she dies, it’s a two-for-one deal. Not a bad
outcome for you!”

Upon hearing those chilling words, Madelyn resigned herself to an inevitable fate, believing she was
about to face her demise. However, in a sudden turn of events, Forrest pushed her away, propelling
himself off the towering skyscraper.

The memory of Forrest’s eyes, filled with a profound yearning, haunted Madelyn to this day. She
remained plagued by uncertainty, unable to fully grasp the true intent behind his gaze. And in the midst
of the chaos, she faintly heard a whispered “I’m sorry,” lingering in the air.

Since then, Zach had gradually acquired the scattered fragments of Arnold Corporation, ultimately
becoming its majority shareholder.

The repercussions of this shift were profound, transforming Ventropolis in ways. unimaginable. In a
mere blink of an eye, Zach Jardin had risen to an unprecedented level of influence, dominating the city
from his elevated position. Overnight, he had evolved into a figure both feared and revered, assuming
the role of Ventropolis’s ruler. With unwavering authority, he dictated the course of the city’s destiny,
effortlessly pulling the strings of power.

Yet, Madelyn couldn’t shake off the unsettling truth that this ascent was built upon the foundation of
countless lives, each sacrificed to elevate Zach to his throne of control.

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