The Rewritten Love: A Second Beginning Max Charming

Chapter 68

Madelyn surveyed the scattered food strewn across the floor, her brow furrowing in confusion.
Thoughts raced through her mind, ‘What is he up to now?’ She cast a reproachful glance at Forrest and
questioned, “Forrest, what on earth are you doing?” As she crouched down to retrieve the lunchbox
from the ground, Forrest kicked it once more, causing it to slip from her grasp.

In a swift motion, Forrest seized Madelyn by the collar, hoisting her up and forcefully pinning her
against the wall. His intense gaze locked with hers, his grip tightening around her collar as he angrily
exclaimed, “What the hell did you say?”

The jutting corner of the windowsill dug into Madelyn’s back, causing her discomfort, but her impassive
stare remained fixed on Forrest. She asked, “What exactly are you trying to say?”

Forrest’s narrow, upturned eyes exuded a bone-chilling coldness, colder than ice itself. He seethed,
“Jadie got beaten up because of your damn big mouth. She’s in the hospital now. Didn’t you claim she
was your sister? Is this how you treat your siblings, Madelyn Jent? You don’t have the balls to confront
me directly. If you have something to say, say it to my face instead of scheming behind my back! If
anything happens to Jadie, I swear I’ll break the same damn bones of yours!

Madelyn observed the prominent veins bulging on his hand. If it weren’t for the presence of others, she
believed Forrest would actually strangle her right there. She remained calm, her breathing steady. She
had faced much greater storms, the immature Forrest standing before her couldn’t intimidate her
Besides, she had already experienced death once before, so why would she fear it a second time?

Gasping for air under his grip, Madelyn grabbed onto his increasingly tightened hand. ” Forrest… calm

Adrian stepped in, his voice firm, “Forrest, that’s enough. Madelyn would never be foolish enough to
harm Jadie. They’re family. There’s no reason for her to do something like that.”

Madelyn’s face flushed crimson, acutely aware of the terrifying hostility emanating from Forrest. “Fo-
Forrest… It hurts… You’ve hurt me! Let… Let go!”

Adrian interjected, “That’s it, enough. Do you really want to escalate this situation? Have you forgotten
what happened the last time you got injured?”

The animosity in Forrest’s eyes gradually subsided, though the coldness remained. Finally, he released
his grip.

Madelyn clutched her neck, coughing several times as she tried to regain her breath.

“Don’t think Ethan’s protection makes you untouchable! I still have ways to deal with you!” Forrest spat
out those words before storming out.

Madelyn felt bewildered, her mind racing, ‘Did he mention Ethan? Does Forrest know Ethan?’ She
yearned to confront him and uncover the truth, but given his current state of anger, approaching him
now would be akin to walking into a deadly trap.

Inhaling the fresh air deeply, Madelyn began to feel more composed. She straightened herself up and
expressed her gratitude to Adrian, saying, “Thank you.”

Adrian glanced at her and uttered five piercing words, “You brought this upon yourself.”

Timothy chimed in, “Serves you right!”

After Jadie was bullied, Forrest was the first one pointing the finger at Madelyn, holding her
accountable. Madelyn couldn’t shake off the thought that Zach would be next in line, ready to inflict

similar harm upon her. The bone-chilling realization of what Zach could potentially do sent a wave of
shivers down her spine.

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