The Rewritten Love: A Second Beginning Max Charming

Chapter 61

Madelyn continued, “You’re aware of the situation I’m dealing with at school. I don’t want to burden you
with my problems.”

Serena responded, slightly puzzled, “Why would you even go to Lorville? It’s just a small town. on the
outskirts. But that’s not the main issue here. It’s fine if you don’t want to be my best friend, but at least
don’t ignore me when I try to approach you.”

Madelyn agreed, nodding, “As long as you don’t disrupt my studies, I won’t ignore you.”

Overjoyed, Serena exclaimed, “Madelyn, you’re the best!” and hugged her tightly.

In reality, Madelyn couldn’t quite comprehend Serena’s sudden desire to be friends. They hadn’t
interacted much before, not even in her past life, and the people around them were mere
acquaintances who exchanged polite nods and greetings. There was a chance they wouldn’t even
recognize each other one day.

As Madelyn continued on her way, she unexpectedly encountered Forrest walking ahead. He was
donning a black denim jacket, and a cast on his left hand. When they were about five or six hundred
meters away from each other, Madelyn stopped in her tracks.

To her surprise, another familiar face appeared before her-Jadie. Lately, it seemed that Jadie had been
appearing in Madelyn’s path all too frequently, making her efforts to avoid her feel


Serena noticed the girl up ahead and commented, “That’s Jadie White, the stunning new transfer
student at Ventropolis High School. She’s only been there for less than a week, and word has it that
Forrest has taken a liking to her. Now everyone’s speculating they’re dating.”

Serena went on, “Forrest has a close-knit group of friends at Ventropolis High School, and not too long
ago, they arranged a get-together where Jadie tagged along. I heard she has a brother who’s well-
connected, although they’re not related by blood. However, her brother is quite strict and doesn’t allow
her to date. Perhaps he has no clue that she snuck out from

Ventropolis High School to come to our school.”

The brother Serena referred to was Zach Jardin.

Madelyn asked curiously, “How did you come to know all of this?”

Serena responded, “I found out through our school forum. One night, there were even. witnesses who
claimed to have seen Forrest, slightly intoxicated, taking Jadie for a ride on his motorcycle. After an
incident like that, students from both Ventrocloud High School and. Ventropolis High School couldn’t
help but become aware of Jadie White’s presence… The girl standing next to her is Claire Yelton.”

Madelyn nodded, deep in thought. The truth was, she had no knowledge of the gossip Serena was
referring to. She wasn’t one to indulge in rumors or spend time browsing through online.

forums. Her days were typically filled with a demanding schedule of attending classes and participating
in extracurricular activities. By the time she arrived home after school, it was already late, around eight
or nine in the evening. She simply didn’t have the time or

inclination to delve into other people’s personal affairs.

As thoughts swirled in her mind, Madelyn contemplated, ‘Jadie dating Forrest… that seems highly
unlikely. If they were to end up together one day, it would either be a result of true love or because
Zach had an affair first.’

Madelyn made her way back to her seat in the classroom. There was still around forty minutes
remaining before class started, providing her with ample time to tackle a set of practice papers. Despite
her confidence in being accepted into Lorville University based on her current. academic performance,
she understood the importance of not becoming complacent. It was her personal growth and the
knowledge she acquired independently that truly held significance, and she was determined to take full
responsibility for it.

Resolutely, Madelyn retrieved a set of practice papers from her bag and immersed herself in solving

Suddenly, the leg of her chair was kicked near the back door, jolting her concentration. Without lifting
her head, Madelyn spoke in a composed manner, “What’s the matter? Do you have something to say?”

“Hey!” The person’s voice held an air of impatience.

‘Forrest?’ Madelyn looked up and saw Forest’s smiling face, knowing exactly what he wanted. Swiftly,
she lowered her gaze again and continued working on the practice papers, asking, “Is there something
you need?”

This marked the first time Forrest witnessed Madelyn not getting angry, and her tone was notably less
harsh than before.

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