The Rewritten Love: A Second Beginning Max Charming

Chapter 58

“Madelyn,” A tall and sweet-looking girl approached, “if I’m not mistaken, didn’t this bag keep a dead
mouse not long ago? How can you still use it? Aren’t you afraid of falling ill?” The girl looked at
Madelyn’s lunchbox with disgust.

Another girl chimed in, “Madelyn, you’re the lone student at Ventrocloud High who brings. your own
lunch. Are you strapped for cash or something? If you’re facing financial constraints, just be honest!
We’ve got money, we can lend you a couple hundred thousand.”

Then, another girl decided to stir up trouble. “Serena, Madelyn couldn’t care less about you. You’re
wasting your time. Quit hanging around this filthy girl, or you’ll end up getting soiled yourself.”

With determination, Madelyn sealed her backpack and rose from her seat, her hand colliding forcefully
with the table. “Who do you think you’re calling a filthy girl? Say it again, I dare you. “Anger wasn’t a
frequent visitor for her, yet just because she didn’t display it openly didn’t mean she lacked a fiery

She scrutinized the trio and continued, her gaze unwavering. “So, why the silence? What do you mean
by ‘filthy”? Michelle, if I recall correctly, your family is involved in the construction. industry, right? And
Lorrie, Jenny… your families have partnerships with them. Two years ago, the Blossom Haven Tower
project was a joint endeavor between your three companies. Due to your negligence and the use of
substandard materials, the building turned out to be al haphazard construction. Let’s not forget it cost
three lives. And who was it that smoothed. things over at the time?”

Madelyn locked eyes with the trio, her expression shifting, before she pressed on. “You want. me to go
into more detail, huh?”

Michelle Linney, unwilling to back down, retorted with determination, “Stop hurling baseless
accusations. Those individuals clearly perished due to their own recklessness. Why should our

be held accountable? Madelyn, if you dare to spew nonsense again, I’ll have company terminate the
partnership between our families!”



Madelyn couldn’t help but chuckle, deriding Michelle’s foolishness. “Beauty alone won’t take you far.
Remember to delve into the pages of books!”

Lorrie Lamprey intervened, stopping Michelle who wanted to confront Madelyn.

There were numerous individuals who exuded glamor on the surface but harbored dark secrets
concealed behind closed doors. And who was the one to handle those dirty secrets? It was Hayson
Jent. Why did so many people fear him? Because he was unafraid to go to any lengths. to achieve his
goals, and he possessed leverage over others.

If Hayson Jent were to fall, the majority of the corporations in Ventropolis would be paralyzed, causing
half of the city’s economic cycle to crumble, with many potentially ending

up behind bars.

When individuals held positions of power and found themselves in trouble, there was always someone
to clean up their mess. In the realm of politics, officials would shield one another. In the world of
business, it was even more pronounced. At the pinnacle of the pyramid, there wasn’t a single person
whose hands remained untainted by blood.

Once, Madelyn harbored skepticism toward this cruel reality. However, thanks to Zach, she had been
thrust into a realm of undeniable clarity, where the truth could no longer be ignored.

Madelyn no longer saw the need to engage in a futile argument with the trio. With her backpack firmly
in place, she calmly walked away, leaving the confrontation behind. Serena wanted to chase after
Madelyn. However, Jenny Lupert firmly held her back, her voice laced. with caution. “Think it through,
Serena. Aligning yourself with her means going against our entire class. You know it won’t end well.”

Serena forcefully shrugged off Jenny’s grip, her resolve unwavering. “What does it matter if I go against
them? Madelyn hasn’t committed any wrongdoing. Why should she endure your insults when it was
you who initiated this whole ordeal?” Determined, Serena hurried outside, only to find that Madelyn’s
figure had already disappeared without a trace, leaving her clueless about Madelyn’s whereabouts.

Behind the school, there lay an artificial swan lake, a hidden gem rarely frequented during lunch
breaks. However, it was at the onset of evening that the place truly came alive. As the clock struck
eight, a captivating fountain performance would enchant onlookers, painting the air with a touch of
magic. Madelyn had only ever caught glimpses of this mesmerizing spectacle through photographs, but
her vivid imagination rendered it a scene from a fairytale. In her mind’s eye, the illuminated fountains
mirrored the pages of a storybook, where a Prince Charming met his beloved amidst a symphony of
fluttering birds, their love unfolding in a realm of whimsy and wonder.

Amidst the tranquil waters of the swan lake, several black swans glided gracefully, their movements an
elegant dance. The willow trees lining the lake’s edge dipped their long branches into the water,
creating gentle ripples that mirrored the caress of the breeze.

“Is that… Ms. Jent?” George Gibbon whispered to Ethan as they ventured behind Ventrocloud High
School, their visit shrouded in secrecy, hoping to avoid unnecessary attention.

Ethan asked, “Why is she here all by herself?”

George replied, “Ms. Jent doesn’t have many friends at school, and she’s used to being alone. It’s
lunch break now, so I suppose she’s sought solace here, a moment of respite to clear her mind.”

As George accompanied Ethan on their visit to Ventrocloud High School, he was acutely aware of
Ethan’s true purpose-to see Madelyn Jent.

Ethan had previously undergone examinations at SereneCare Hospital, and the scheduled.

surgery was meant to proceed as planned. However, the test results had revealed changes in the
tissues within his leg bones, attributed to prolonged inactivity. Consequently, the surgery had to be

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