The Rewritten Love: A Second Beginning Max Charming

Chapter 52

Madelyn couldn’t help but notice that Jadie had a group of guys by her side-Adrian, Timothy, and
Forrest. She stood next to her family car, watching them approach from across the street. It caught her
off guard, and she thought to herself, ‘When did Jadie start hanging out with Forrest? They seem really

‘Hmm… Jadie and Forrest?’ Madelyn couldn’t even begin to imagine what kind of relationship. they
had. ‘Wasn’t Jadie interested in Zach? Does Zach know about Jadie and Forrest being together?’ But
then she realized that Jadie’s love life was none of her business. She wanted no part in anything
involving Jadie or Zach.

As Madelyn shifted her gaze away, she noticed a blue tattoo on Forrest’s arm. It felt strangely familiar.
She had a fleeting sense of having seen it on someone in a past life. ‘It looks familiar,’ she thought, but
the memory slipped away for a moment. She couldn’t recall when or where she had seen it before.

Meanwhile, Timothy glanced at the black sedan across the street and the person standing there in a
daze. “Forrest, isn’t that Madelyn Jent? Is she looking at you? I told you; Madelyn definitely has a thing
for you. Just look at her face, all jealous again!”

Forrest remained indifferent, his gaze shifting to the side as Madelyn got into the car. Jadie noticed too-
it was the black sedan from the Jent family, the one that picked up and dropped off Madelyn.

Two schools, separated only by a single street, yet worlds apart in every conceivable aspect.

“Madelyn? You know Madelyn?” Jadie had an elegant demeanor, dressed in a white dress, standing
beside Forrest like an ethereal being untouched by the mundane world. Her long hair was braided and
draped to one side, radiating innocence.

Timothy raised an eyebrow, looking at Jadie. “You know Madelyn too?”

Jadie nodded gently and said in a soft voice, “I grew up with Madelyn since we were kids. But I went
abroad for treatment due to illness a long time ago and haven’t come back for years. Are you two
classmates with Madelyn? If you get to know her more, you’ll see she’s actually a good person.”

Timothy cleared his throat, his face showing a mix of uncertainty.

The atmosphere became momentarily awkward, taking on an unusual tone.

None of them had expected Jadie to have any connection to Madelyn. And she had just spoken
positively about her.

Timothy couldn’t help but think about the stark differences between Jadie and Madelyn. Jadie was the
kind of woman that every man would consider a dream lover, someone unattainable. Yet, her past was
filled with tragedy, having grown up as an orphan with only a non-blood-


related brother as her companion. In comparison, Timothy couldn’t help but sympathize with Jadie’s
circumstances. He couldn’t help but believe that someone like Jadie, rather than Madelyn, deserved
the privileges of a privileged upbringing, indulging in a life of effortless opulence.

Forrest flicked away the cigarette butt from his hand, coming to a stop at the entrance of Ventropolis
High School. His defiant voice echoed, “We’re here.”

A gentle breeze brushed against them, carrying the pleasant scent of camellias that lingered around
Jadie. She tousled her wind-blown hair, tucking it behind her ear, and smiled softly. ” Thank you for
bringing me back. I appreciate it.”

“Forry, your jacket. Thank you again!” Jadie was about to take off her coat, but Forrest stopped her,
placing his hand on her shoulder. “No need to rush.”

Timothy observed them with a look of amusement, saying, “Jadie, let’s hang out more when you have
free time.”

Jadie paused for a moment, then a faint smile curved her lips. “Sure.” That smile was like the pristine
moon shining in the sky.

The three of them watched as Jadie entered the school before finally turning around to leave.

Adrian remained silent throughout the journey, then suddenly spoke up, “If I guess correctly, Jadie’s
gentle and elegant demeanor is your type, isn’t it, Forry? When do you plan on making a move?”

Forrest clicked his tongue against his back teeth. “She’s a good girl, so keep your ideas to yourself.”

Timothy persistently continued the topic, “She’s not your type? You’re not into someone as innocent as
Jadie? Are you saying you prefer someone like Madelyn Jent, a ‘Stacy’? With her bold personality,
Forry… be careful, or you’ll end up becoming a cuckold!”

Forrest retorted, “Me, into Madelyn Jent? Are you out of your mind?”

At that moment, inside the car, Madelyn’s mind suddenly sparked with a revelation. She exclaimed
inwardly, ‘Ah! I remember now!’

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