The Rewritten Love: A Second Beginning Max Charming

Chapter 55

After uttering those words, Madelyn dashed up the stairs in a hurry.

However, within just half a minute, a piercing scream erupted from upstairs, “Ah!”

Zach glanced upward, instantly surmising that Madelyn had likely taken quite a nasty fall, given the
intensity of the scream.

Clad in his black striped pajamas, Zach exuded an even icier and more ominous aura than before. His
hand shot out, gripping Jasmine’s hair tightly. “You’re so desperate for male attention, huh? Well, next
time, I won’t mind bringing a few more men to keep you entertained.”

Jasmine winced in pain, feeling the tingling sensation in her scalp. Her eyes betrayed no signs of
intoxication; they were clear and alert. “Zach Jardin, are you serious? Let go of me! It hurts! “She
clutched onto Zach’s hand, carefully observing his expression. It was evident that he was genuinely

Zach whispered fiercely in her ear, “Jasmine Manning, if you dare to use your filthy body to do that
again, I’ll let you experience the taste of getting fucked by multiple guys again.”

Fear began to show in Jasmine’s eyes, her pupils dilating. But in the next second, she let out a
desolate laugh. “Alright… But before that, Zach, can you let me have you once? Spend a night with me,
and then I’ll give you my life, okay?”

“You’re insane!” Zach flung her aside, his eyes filled with impatience. “Seems like you really need to
sober up.” Zach twisted his neck, his gaze icy and predatory. He grabbed the still disoriented Jasmine
from the floor and carried her toward the bedroom, closing the door with his foot. Then he turned on the
faucet in the bathroom, pressing her head down into the sink, repeatedly, again and again…

Meanwhile, Madelyn felt like she was having an awful day. Just moments ago, she had stumbled on
the stairs on the fourth floor, leaving her in excruciating pain that made her question her life choices.

Seeking relief, Madelyn made her way to the bathroom and rinsed her throbbing ankle with cold water,
finding a brief respite under the refreshing stream. Taking advantage of the opportunity, she decided to
take a quick shower. Limping slightly, she emerged from the bathroom, clad in a nightgown adorned
with a cute strawberry print. Using a hair clip, she pinned up her damp strands, which clung softly to
her neck, a few droplets of water glistening delicately. The cold, white light in the room accentuated her
delicate yet pained expression, as tears welled up in her eyes, giving her a vulnerable and captivating

Taking a seat on the edge of her bed, Madelyn gently applied some muscle rub to her aching ankle.
She was grateful that she had brought it upstairs earlier, the room now carrying the scent of the
soothing balm. After setting the bottle down on the bedside table, she casually

grabbed a few tissues to wipe her hands clean.

Glancing at the clock, she realized it was already close to eleven o’clock. It was rare for her to stay up
past that time. Moreover, the few hours of intensive dance practice had left her exhausted. Hence, he
nestled into her pillow and succumbed to the embrace of slumber.

The evening breeze continued to whisper gently, accompanied by the melodic chirping of cicadas. In
the early hours of the morning, the distinct sound of a key turning in the lock resonated, followed by the
familiar creaking of the door. A shadowy figure entered the room, his presence unnoticed by Madelyn,
who lay peacefully in bed.

In her dreamlike state, Madelyn felt the dull pain in her ankle was melting away, replaced by a
comforting sensation akin to resting on a cloud of cotton. A soft, contented moan escaped her lips,

revealing her blissful state. In her dazed condition, she caught a glimpse of the visage she knew so
well. In a coquettish tone, she called out, “Darling, keep massaging-”

When Zach heard those words, his hands froze in mid-air, and his dark eyes fixated on her with a
myriad of emotions. A thin blanket draped across Madelyn’s waist. The sweltering heat must have
prompted her to keep it raised, as the blanket only covered her hips, discreetly. concealing the bottom
of her dress while leaving her enticing thighs exposed.

Her fair and impeccably toned thighs captured his gaze. Wisps of her lightly curled tresses tumbled
over her face, cascading down between the open collar of her nightgown. Her very presence exuded
an irresistible allure.

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