The Rewritten Love: A Second Beginning Max Charming

Chapter 54

After finishing her extracurricular dance class, Madelyn arrived home at nine o’clock in the evening. As
she stepped out of the car, she felt like her legs were about to give out. She

hobbled along, and Rosario immediately came over to her.

“Oh dear, what happened to you?” Rosario asked, concerned. “Come, sit on the couch. Let me
massage you.”

Rosario and the chauffeur Jordan guided Madelyn to the couch and placed her backpack on the side.

“You’ve definitely pulled a muscle. Let me get some muscle rub for you,” Rosario said.

There was a well-stocked medicine cabinet at home, and Rosario quickly retrieved the muscle rub and
approached Madelyn. “Didn’t your teacher know you got injured? You silly child, let me take a look.”

Rosario held onto Madelyn’s leg and gently placed it on her lap. “Where does it hurt?”

As Madelyn sat down, she already felt much better. “It’s not the teacher’s fault. I asked for more intense
training, and I accidentally slipped, resulting in the strain.”

Rosario shook her head in exasperation and lightly tapped Madelyn’s head with her finger. You, always
either forgetful or clumsy. Be more careful in the future and don’t injure yourself.”

Madelyn took off her black thigh-high stockings, and Rosario applied muscle rub to her palms, gently
massaging Madelyn’s calves. “Feeling any better?”

Madelyn nodded. “Yes, I feel better.” She glanced around the living room. “Where’s Jasmine? And is
Father not home either?”

“Ms. Manning and Mr. Jardin are home. Mr. Jardin just returned not long ag. He’s probably asleep by

Madelyn’s expression turned oddly perplexed. She contemplated whether or not to mention to Hayson
that she also wanted to move to the school dormitory. However, she quickly dismissed the thought
because she knew it was nearly impossible for Hayson to allow her to live on campus.

Lately, Zach had been staying frequently at the Jent residence, and Madelyn could easily guess why.

After applying the muscle rub to her inner thighs as well, Madelyn let her skirt fall back down. “Thank
you, Rosario. You should go rest.”

“I still need to wait for your father to come back. The creamy potato soup is simmering in the kitchen
pot. Can you manage? If not, I’ll help you up the stairs,” Rosario said.

Madelyn put on her socks. “I’m much better now. I can go up on my own. Oh, by the way, Rosario, is
your back injury getting better?”

Rosario smiled and replied, “With the medicine your father gave me, it’s much improved… Alright, don’t
worry about me. Go wash up and get some rest. You have classes tomorrow.”

“Okay, I’m going upstairs,” Madelyn said, carrying her backpack and still holding the muscle rub. She
made her way to the hallway. Only now did she truly understand the meaning of excruciating pain, as
every step felt incredibly difficult.

Standing at the bottom of the staircase on the second floor, Madelyn stretched her neck to glance
upstairs. The corridor lights were off, indicating that no one was there.

Madelyn decided to sprint directly to the fourth floor. Her plan was, when she reached the steps leading
to the third floor, she would deliberately make some noises with her footsteps. It was a warning to

Jasmine and Zach. After all, they were having an affair, so Madelyn would rather

gouge out her own eyes than witness even a glimpse of it. Even if they deliberately wanted to tell her
about it, she would prefer to puncture her eardrums right away.

Just as Madelyn stepped onto the first step of the third floor, there was a sudden loud noise.


The door behind her swung open.

“N-No… don’t stop me… I still need a drink…” Jasmine, clearly intoxicated and disheveled, stumbled
out of Zach’s room. Her blue satin nightgown had slipped off, revealing her fair skin. The blue ribbons
dangled loosely on her arm.

Zach, with a chilling and imposing gaze, supported Jasmine’s arm in a seemingly gentlemanly manner.
He glanced at Jasmine and then turned his attention to the person in the hallway. Madelyn, why are
you coming back so late today?”

Madelyn didn’t dare to turn around, fearing that her eyes would witness what they shouldn’t. She had
already glimpsed Jasmine emerging from Zach’s room, and it was more than enough. for her.
Determined to avoid further confrontation, she refused to look back and hastily replied, “I had an
extracurricular class today, so I came back late, Bro-Brother… I-I’m heading. to bed now.”

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