The Rewritten Love: A Second Beginning Max Charming

Chapter 56

Ten seconds later, Madelyn blinked her eyes open. The bright lights flooded her vision, instantly
rousing her from her drowsiness. Reacting instinctively, she hurriedly pulled her foot back and sat
upright. “Zach Jar… uh, I mean, Brother… What are you doing in my room?” She mentally scolded
herself, ‘Damn it, what did I just say?’ Clutching the blanket tightly, she resembled a startled rabbit, her
eyes filled with wariness and fear.

Zach watched as Madelyn hastily wrapped herself up.

Madelyn continued, her voice trembling, “Um, when did you come in?”

Zach’s rough palm still had traces of muscle rub on it as he said, “Bring your foot over here, and I’ll give
your ankle a little massage-”

His deep, intense gaze locked onto Madelyn, making her feel uneasy all over. She shook her head and
replied, “You don’t have to do that. Rosario already massaged it earlier. They’ll be

fine by tomorrow.”

Zach furrowed his brows in response to Madelyn’s resistance, urging her, “Madelyn, just do as I say. I
don’t want to repeat myself.”

Madelyn’s thoughts raced as she considered Zach’s words. If she refused again, she knew he might
resort to something unexpected, maybe even more audacious.

In her past life, this had been their dynamic. Whatever Zach commanded, Madelyn had to comply
absolutely, no matter how arrogant, stubborn, or willful she was. She had always been under his
control, enduring his manipulation with no other choice.

Biting her lip, Madelyn summoned her courage and cautiously extended her foot from under the
blanket. Zach’s gaze lingered on her fair and alluring foot, adorned with perfectly rounded toenails
painted in a light pink shade. He couldn’t help but note how delicate she appeared, nurtured with luxury
from head to toe, even down to each strand of hair.

Zach grasped her swollen and elevated ankle, his palm still coated with muscle rub, gently massaging
her ankle.

Madelyn couldn’t help but exclaim, “H-H-Hiss, it hurts-”

Zach remained silent.

Madelyn quickly pleaded, “Brother, please be gentle.”

Zach replied nonchalantly, “Who said it would be fine by tomorrow?”

“I fell asleep thinking it was alright. I even applied some muscle rub before going to bed. Thank you!”


Madelyn rested her foot on Zach’s leg, and he lowered his head, his expression serious as he diligently
applied medication to her swollen ankle. This was something Zach had never done for her before.

As she observed him, Madelyn couldn’t help but think that when this man was serious, he exuded a
captivating sense of restraint. Her features were such that both men and women, young and old, could
appreciate them. She had seen Zach wearing gold-rimmed glasses while working, and she had also
witnessed his wild and untamed side. She had experienced almost every version of Zach. The Zach
who thrived at lively and elegant banquets, the Zach with impeccable manners and conversational
skills. However, the Zach before her, caring for her in this way, was an entirely new sight to behold…

“This muscle rub hasn’t fully absorbed yet. Be more careful next time. If you hurt yourself while I’m not
home because you weren’t paying attention while walking, who will take care of you?” Zach remarked.

Madelyn shifted her body and settled back onto the bed. Initially in pain, Zach’s soothing massage had
made her forget about it. She even felt a slight drowsiness taking over as she lay there. After a while,
she noticed a warmth spreading from her ankle, a clear sign that the medicine was taking effect. She
exclaimed, “I feel much better now! You should go back and rest.” Indeed, her swollen ankle had visibly

When Zach checked on Madelyn again, she was already fast asleep, defenseless with her eyes closed.
He gently placed her foot under the blanket, his hands still carrying the lingering scent of the muscle
rub. Standing up, he left the remaining unused rub on her desk and took one last glance at her lying
peacefully on the bed..

Zach thought to himself, ‘You’ve lost your composure over such a small matter, Madelyn… What
should I do with you in the future?’ Before leaving, he turned off the bedroom light and quietly exited
the room.

As the early morning light streamed in through the window, Madelyn slowly stretched her body, her
eyes still closed. The sound of her phone alarm pierced the silence, prompting her to swiftly silence it.
Being someone who didn’t like to linger in bed, she promptly rose, feeling energized and ready to
embrace the day ahead.

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