The Rewritten Love: A Second Beginning Max Charming

Chapter 49

“Of course not. How could I ever find you annoying when you care about me?” Madelyn tried

to reassure Zach.

Zach’s eyes wandered over Madelyn’s loose and visibly ill-fitting clothes. He hadn’t seen her in that
particular outfit before, and it appeared to be men’s clothing, so he asked, “Not wearing your school
uniform today?”

Madelyn glanced down at her attire, realizing her oversight. “I-I did wear it… But the buttons. were
broken. I borrowed this outfit from someone else, and I have to return it later.”

“So, it’s a men’s outfit?”

Madelyn nodded, choosing not to hide the truth. “Yes.”

Zach chuckled lightly, but there was no trace of emotion in his eyes, even a hint of coldness. Looks like
Madelyn is in love.”

Madelyn protested, “No… He’s just a friend of my classmate.”

Zach continued, “It’s not a problem if you’re in a relationship now. It’s normal for young people to
develop feelings for others during their youth… If you ever encounter any problems about love
relationships, remember that you can always come to me and talk.”

“Okay,” Madelyn replied, her response cautious and guarded. She remained alert, sensing that even
the slightest lapse in her vigilance could lead her to be ensnared by Zach’s seemingly gentle façade.

Arriving at the Jent residence in Southern Haven Villas, Zach skillfully parked the car in the garage. A
surge of anticipation coursed through Madelyn as she eagerly reached for the car door, only to find it
still locked. Her heart quickened, anxiety bubbling within her.

To her surprise, Zach approached her, his masculine presence enveloping her senses. The fragrance
of camellias emanated from him, further heightening her unease. “I-Is there something else?” she

Zach’s hand gently cupped her face, his thumb brushing against her soft lips, leaving a delicate trace of
pink on his fingertips. Madelyn instinctively flinched, her eyes wide with evident fear.

“Did you apply lipstick?” Zach inquired.

“N-No, it’s not lipstick. It’s a lip balm I bought. It has a tint,” Madelyn hastily explained, her mind racing
to comprehend Zach’s intentions. In recent days, she had consciously avoided provoking him and had
attempted to keep her distance. Yet, she couldn’t fathom what she might have done to earn his sudden
interest. Within moments, she mentally retraced her steps, analyzing her actions, but she couldn’t
discern any wrongdoing on her part.


“Are you afraid of me?” Zach’s question hung in the air.

Madelyn mustered a strained smile, her lips forming a faint arch. “No, why would I be afraid of you? I…
like you.”

Zach’s eyebrow arched playfully, a glimmer of amusement dancing in his eyes. “Like? How much do
you like me?”


Madelyn’s mind raced, cursing herself inwardly for her hasty response. ‘Madelyn Jent, why did you say
that? It came out so awkwardly!’ She resisted the urge to smack herself for blurting. out nonsense due
to her startled state. Despite her internal turmoil, she had to find a way salvage the situation. She
replied, “I like you as I would like a real older brother, someone I can rely on…”

Zach couldn’t help but thought, “This girl didn’t even think before she lied.’ He then responded, “Well,
don’t wear it next time. The tint doesn’t suit you.”

Madelyn possessed striking features, radiating bold and irresistible beauty that left a lasting impression.
Zach found her lip shape particularly appealing, and the touch of light pink on her lips was alluring, akin
to blooming peach blossoms, only more captivating. In that instant, he couldn’t help but feel that this
girl had somehow grown up.

Madelyn nodded absentmindedly. “Okay.”

Zach unfastened her seatbelt, but Madelyn didn’t rush to exit the car since the doors were still. locked.

“Is… there something else?” Madelyn’s voice trembled slightly.

Zach leaned in, his hand gently slipping through her hair, unnoticed by her. Madelyn was entranced by
his tender gaze, causing her breath to grow shallow. She found herself completely captivated by his

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