The Rewritten Love: A Second Beginning Max Charming

Chapter 40

Madelyn watched as Zach walked out of the room. After he closed the door, she pressed a hand
against her racing heart, wondering, ‘Will he suspect anything now?’ She had dropped hints before,
mentioning her plans to leave Ventropolis and move thousands of miles away to Lorville after the
college entrance exams. She had also suggested that after graduating from university, she intended to
teach in remote areas, so as not to interfere with his revenge against the Jent family.

In other words, she had told that Zach he could treat her as though she were already gone, banishing
her from his life. She would never return once she left this home.

Glancing at the stain on the bedsheet, Madelyn let out a sigh. ‘Zach really knows how to hold a grudge.
I just changed this bedsheet today. Does he want me to spend a night without any covers?’

The blankets in the cupboard hadn’t been washed or aired out for nearly six months, and Madelyn was
allergic to dust. If she wrapped herself in those blankets, she was guaranteed a trip to the hospital. She
couldn’t help but mutter, ‘This jerk really knows how to hold onto at grudge. He’s such a miser!’

Madelyn tossed the blanket onto the floor, deciding to wash it the next day. She grabbed a thick jacket
to keep herself warm, turned off the lights, and lay down on the bed.

The following morning, the sun beamed brightly, casting a cloudless sky. Madelyn stretched lazily and
roused from her slumber, realizing that she didn’t have a headache or a stuffy nose. To her surprise,
she also discovered a gray striped blanket draped over her, though she had no recollection of when it
had appeared. Startled, she swiftly removed the blanket, recognizing it as something that only Zach
would possess based on its distinctive pattern.

“What the heck? Did Zach sneak into my room last night?” Madelyn’s face paled, and her head
throbbed with intensity. ‘Lately, Zach has been making more frequent visits to my room. This is not a

good sign. I distinctly remember locking the door, didn’t I?’ Impatiently, Madelyn tugged at her hair.

Just then, Rosario knocked on the door and entered. “Madelyn, quit lazing around. Mr. Jent is
downstairs waiting for you to join him for breakfast.”

Madelyn was taken aback. “My father is back?”

“Yes. He arrived with a woman, and…” Rosario’s expression grew complicated, but she quickly stifled
it, refraining from saying anything further. “Hurry up!”

“Alright.” Madelyn swiftly dressed, freshened up, and made her way downstairs.

She secured her hair with a clip and noticed that her usual spot at the dining table, the seat next to
Hayson, had been taken by Jasmine. Meanwhile, Zach and Jadie occupied the seats

across from Hayson and Jasmine. Madelyn’s steps faltered, and Rosario pulled out a chair for her.

Sitting beside Jasmine wasn’t a significant issue for Madelyn, as she had done so in her previous life.
However, in that moment, she couldn’t help but feel a slight repulsion. She sensed a distinct sense of
being out of place among the five of them.

Hayson’s displeased voice rang out, “Why are you just getting up now? What were you doing last

Before Madelyn could respond, Jasmine spoke up on her behalf. “Come on, Madelyn is under a lot of
study pressure right now. She probably stayed up late studying last night, so it’s understandable that
she woke up late.” She then turned to Madelyn, “Isn’t that right, Madelyn?”

Madelyn mustered a smile, pulling at the corners of her mouth. “I apologize, Father. It won’t happen

Rosario aided the situation by placing a bowl of cream soup in front of Madelyn. “Go ahead and eat.”

Jasmine delicately selected some Mediterranean-style grilled vegetables and placed them onto
Madelyn’s plate. “Do you need a tutor, Madelyn? I’ve heard that you’re planning to apply for the
education degree program at Lorville. Their faculty of education is known for excellent teacher training.
Are you feeling confident about it? Moreover, Lorville is quite far away, and you’ll be on your own. Your
father and I would be concerned.”

Madelyn silently speculated, ‘Huh, Zach must have been the one to inform her.”

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