The Rewritten Love: A Second Beginning Max Charming

Chapter 43

Madelyn looked up and smiled, saying, “Not at all. I don’t feel the slightest bit disheartened.” But deep
down, she inwardly mocked him, thinking, ‘Handing over my room is exactly what you desire. It makes
it easier for you to rendezvous with Jasmine.’

Zach replied, “If there’s anything you need, don’t hesitate to reach out to me.”

“Okay,” Madelyn acknowledged.

Once Zach departed, Madelyn fetched the electric kettle from downstairs and placed it in her room.
This way, she wouldn’t have to make frequent trips downstairs for a drink of water. It also minimized the
chance of encountering Zach and Jasmine.

Time flew by in the blink of an eye, and Jasmine had already been staying at the Jent residence for
several days. Once Zach recovered and left with Jadie, he hadn’t returned. Due to their infrequent
visits, Madelyn rarely crossed paths with Jasmine and Hayson within the household. Thus, most of the
time, she found herself alone.

Madelyn took about a week to recuperate at home before returning to school. As she had anticipated,
Jasmine had a lighter class schedule. Teaching music, which wasn’t closely tied to the core subjects,
meant that Madelyn seldom caught a glimpse of her at school.

Madelyn resumed her own classes, and just two days ago, the results of the practice quizzes started
being announced one by one. These quizzes were prepared by the teachers themselves. Madelyn had
already received satisfactory scores in three subjects, averaging around a hundred in humanities and
around ninety-something in sciences. These scores were adequate for her to secure a spot in the
education degree program at Lorville University. She felt that striving for higher scores wouldn’t make
much difference.

During class, the assistant homeroom teacher, announced the ranking for Class Six, revealing Madelyn
in fifth place. Everyone gazed at her with disbelief. Someone even questioned, “Ms. Kempson, is this
for real? Are you sure it’s not fifth from the bottom?”

The teacher cleared her throat a few times and replied, “Madelyn’s recent efforts have been evident to
all of you. Everyone should learn from Madelyn. Although you all come from affluent backgrounds, the
knowledge you acquire is your own, and sometimes money isn’t everything. Alright, now that the
results have been announced, let’s continue with our self- study.”

The teacher then added, “Madelyn, please come with me.”

Madelyn discreetly set aside the romance novel disguised as a math textbook and nervously

walked out of the classroom.

Outside, she asked, “Did you need something from me?”

Kayley Kempson, a woman in her forties wearing glasses, was the homeroom teacher for Class One.
However, due to Jasmine’s unavailability, she also assisted in managing Class Six as the assistant
homeroom teacher.

“I heard from Ms. Manning that you’re considering transferring to a different class?” Kayley inquired.

Madelyn nodded, saying, “Yes, Ms. Kempson.”

“To be honest, Madelyn, transferring classes at this stage wouldn’t make much of a difference. It might
even disrupt your learning since each class is progressing at its own pace. Besides, there are only a
few months left. Hang in there. And if you’re considering the transfer because of Forrest, don’t worry,
he’s been sick and hospitalized recently, so he won’t be coming to school.”

“Forrest is hospitalized? What happened to him? Is he seriously injured?” Madelyn asked with genuine

Kayley frowned and replied, “The situation is quite serious. He remains unconscious. Madelyn, I know
a little bit about your family’s circumstances. If possible, try to reason with them. They can teach him a
lesson, but don’t be too harsh on him.”

Madelyn also wanted to see how Forrest was doing, so she asked, “Can I take a leave to go see him?”

The incident of her injury had nothing to do with Forrest. She understood Forrest, and while he did
dislike her, he wouldn’t go as far as trying to harm her discreetly.

“Wait until the last class, then you can go. For now, focus on your lessons.”

“Yes, Ms. Kempson, I understand,” Madelyn replied.

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