The Rewritten Love: A Second Beginning Max Charming

Chapter 44

Madelyn took a leave and went to SereneCare Hospital without attending her last class. She arrived at
the hospital entrance in a taxi, holding a bouquet of white chrysanthemums that she had purchased
from a flower shop. Uncertain of Forrest’s preferences, she had decided to choose the flowers
randomly. However, white chrysanthemums were the only type available at the shop. Despite feeling
heartache for having to spend fifty bucks on a bouquet, she had requested the owner to wrap them

Approaching the hospital reception, Madelyn inquired about Forrest’s room number. With the
information in hand, she entered the elevator, ascending to the twelfth floor.

“Hey, babe, what are you looking at?” Jasmine, wearing sunglasses and dressed provocatively, held
onto Zach’s arm.

Zach nonchalantly shifted his gaze, silently wondering, ‘Was that Madelyn just now?’

As the elevator doors closed, Madelyn stood inside, her heart pounding with anxiety as she clutched
her chest. ‘Oh my goodness, I really hope Zach didn’t notice me just now. Those two are something
else, flaunting their affection in a hospital of all places. If Hayson were to discover them, it would
undoubtedly cause trouble.’ All she desperately wished for was that Zach hadn’t seen her.

Soon, the elevator reached the twelfth floor. Madelyn stepped out, holding the bouquet of flowers, and
coincidentally crossed paths with a middle-aged man pushing a teenager in a wheelchair. The
teenager, around nineteen years old, possessed striking handsomeness, resembling a character from a
comic book. A distinctive blue tattoo adorned the back of his hand, extending beneath his long sleeves,
adding an air of mystery and nobility to his persona. He emanated an aloof and unapproachable aura.

The teenager was incredibly handsome, like a character in a comic book. He had a peculiar blue tattoo
on the back of his hand, extending and hiding under his long sleeves. He exuded an air of mystery and
nobility, with a somewhat aloof and unapproachable demeanor.

Madelyn couldn’t help but steal a few more glances at him, but she quickly averted her eyes as they
passed each other.

Unexpectedly, the middle-aged man pushing the wheelchair abruptly halted and turned his head, just
as they had exited the room that Madelyn had entered moments ago. “It’s Ms. Jent. She went into
Forrest’s room, but it seems she didn’t recognize you.”

Ethan’s brooding eyes, partially concealed by his bangs, radiated a sense of gloom, reflecting his

In a cold tone, Ethan uttered, “Once Madelyn leaves, arrange for Forrest’s transfer to another hospital.
Ensure he receives proper care and shield him from any disturbances.”

“As you wish,” replied the person accompanying Ethan.

As they neared the elevator, Ethan caught the sound of voices emanating from a nearby room.

A bouquet of white chrysanthemums was flung out, and Forrest exclaimed, “Madelyn Jent, am I already
dead? Why bring me chrysanthemums? Are you trying to curse me or something?” In Venturian
culture, white chrysanthemums were symbolic of death and mourning, rather than life.

Madelyn kept stepping back, deftly avoiding the glass that was hurled in her direction. Instead of
becoming angry, she continued to explain and apologize, her voice filled with sincerity, Forrest, I
genuinely came to visit you. I went to the flower shop and bought these flowers for you. Unfortunately,
this was the only bouquet they had left, and it cost me fifty bucks, which is already quite expensive.”

“Get lost, Madelyn Jent! If you dare show up in front of me, I’ll fucking kill you.”

Madelyn bent down and picked up the fallen flowers, maintaining a good-natured tone as she spoke,
“Forrest… What’s wrong with you? Why so grumpy? Can’t we just call it even?”

Observing the casts on Forrest’s left hand and both feet, which seemed more severe than her own
injuries, Madelyn couldn’t help but think, ‘Zach must have caused serious harm to Forrest. He can be
incredibly ruthless.’

Considering her personality in her previous life, Madelyn was well aware that she had not grounds to
pass judgment. However, Zach had succeeded in eradicating her arrogant and domineering nature in
her in her previous life. Consequently, she had become genuinely kind – hearted, unable to bear
witnessing anyone in pain. As her eyes rested upon Forrest, Madelyn experienced an unexplained
wave of compassion, causing her to soften towards him.

“Just get the hell out of here!”

Adrian and Timothy emerged from the room, with Timothy displaying impatience as he tersely
remarked, “Just go away! His wounds were healing fine until you showed up. You’re so evil, Madelyn

However, as Adrian noticed Ethan’s presence by the elevator, unease washed over him, and he quickly
signaled to Timothy, alerting him to the situation.

Upon realizing that Ethan had not yet departed, Timothy quickly reined in his rudeness, saying, “You
can keep the flowers for yourself. And going forward, please visit less frequently.

Madelyn’s face fell, disappointment evident in her expression. She spoke with a tinge of regret, “You
really lack taste, Forrest. What’s wrong with chrysanthemums? They are still beautiful flowers. I’ll just
take them back home and let them dry. I can even make tea with


She continued, “I’ll come to see you again tomorrow. Let me know your favorite flowers, and

I’ll bring them for you tomorrow.”

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